The surprising story behind Megan's date dress on The Bachelor.

It’s a well known fact that there are a lot of rules to follow when you sign up to be a contestant on The Bachelor.

One of the rules involves bringing only two suitcases with you into the mansion. That sounds like a lot when you’re, I don’t know, visiting your great Aunt Betsy on her farm in rural NSW.

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But when you’re looking down the barrel of three months of back-to-back single dates, group dates, gratuitous ‘lounging around the house’ shots and the ever-glamourous cocktail parties, you need SO. MUCH. MORE.

Luckily, the clever girls of the Bachelor mansion have a trick up their sleeves, and it involves wearing things that aren’t actually theirs.

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Yup, living with 22 other girls while you all date the same guy apparently has some perks, like having access to 44 suitcases full of outfits.

This is more groundbreaking than that time we learned that Keira was raised in a polygamist cult, you guys.

We saw this ingenius thinking in action on Megan’s single date (yep, the one with THE CRANE ON THE EDGE OF THE CLIFF) with Richie last week. That red dress? Not hers.

"Wait a second, this isn't my dress!" Image via Channel 10.

Thanks to Osher and his behind-the-scenes info, we've learned that the red maxi actually belonged to Megan's fellow contestant Kiki. Go figure.

Turns out those ladies inside The Bachelor mansion are actually pretty good friends, and it's nice to see them helping each other out.

Surprise! Looks like they are not out to get each other.

Kiki's dress was also invited on the single date with Richie. Image via Channel 10.