The Bachelor couple Megan and Tiffany announce a huge step in their relationship.

The Bachelor couple Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon have confirmed they are packing their bags and heading back to where it all began in their relationship: Bali.

After teasing fans on Instagram about their next “big move” the pair, who found love with each other after appearing on the latest season of The Bachelor Australia, shared the news they are starting a new life together in Bali.

“Not going to Europe or the moon, our next destination is BALI!!! Cats out of the bag!” Tiffany wrote on Instagram.

“We are heading back to where it all began to work on some exciting projects and collaborations over the next few months! Megs is off today and I will join her in a week! Super amped for this new chapter.”

Megan also shared the news with her 142,000 followers last night.

My last day in WA! Today I’m heading to live in Bali- Tiff will be meeting me in a week, and we’ll be moving in together! Yippee! • I actually want to give a massive shout out to Karen @medicalaestheticsgeraldton . • She absolutely loves what she does, and I think that’s probably partly because she’s bloody clever with skin and knows her stuff to a tee???????? I told Karen I wanted my skin to look amazing for Bali (this pic was taken 2 hours ago). • I completely trusted her, because she’s trained by the best and basically a frickin artist- and couldn’t be more stoked!!! THANK YOU for your attention to detail, and taking the time to get to know me and my skin – I’ll be back time and time again YOU CANT GET RID OF MEEEEE!!!! ????????????

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The pair have previously revealed that it was during a trip to Bali after their time on the reality TV show that they discovered they were destined to be more than friends.

“While we were in the show, it was just a friendship,” Tiffany told The Daily Mail, adding sparks flew when they holidays together in Bali in June.

My biggest accomplishment in my arms on the first day of 2017.

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“It was like ‘Oh, this is more’,” she said, confirming they confessed their love to each other during the trip.

Megan added that she found Tiffany “very attractive” in the Bachelor house, but that she was more focused on “getting to know Richie”.

“But instantly we knew there was a very strong connection. I was so excited to meet her in Bali,” she said.


Megan and Tiffany’s relationship has made international headlines since they went public with their romance late last year. The girls posed for the January issue of Maxim, which named them “couple of the year”.

Have a look at Tiffany and Megan’s best Insta snaps:

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