Super-stylist Megan Morton on the mistake she made in her perfectly curated home.

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There are a few small touches that can improve any home: Keep it clean, buy some flowers and love it hard. Most of us make do with a mixture of the above, but other super-stylish types have made home-love into an art form, and a career.

People like Australian uber-stylist Megan Morton, who joined us for our I Don’t Know How She Does It podcast to share the magic and the madness behind her perfectly-curated home.

Listen to Megan describe how she managed to turn her newborn’s room into a disaster zone:

 Morton commands three businesses, cares for three children and curates the kind of Instagram feed that makes you want to replace everything in your home.

The mother-of-three told host Holly Wainwright the secret to styling lies in the ability to take advantage of your surroundings.

“The urge to style is not to make everything so beautiful and Instagram-y, it’s just to take those lovely little opportunities, those small windows that you might not necessarily give time to and say you know what, I want to see this in a more beautiful way,” she said.

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Morton may appear as though she lives in one of Australia’s most enviable homes but admits that even she is prone to styling disasters.

“The kids room I went really hard on because I was writing a kids room book and I really didn’t listen to my own advice and I totally overstyled them, totally overdid them,” she says.

“I did the whole room and it was so disgusting, it was like, what newborn baby needs a dressing gown with a poppy freesia on the back of it. It was so ridiculous.”

Morton may fall prone to styling blunders but the snippets of her own home she shares on social media remind us they are few and far between.

A photo posted by Megan Morton. (@megan_morton) on

A photo posted by Megan Morton. (@megan_morton) on

A photo posted by Megan Morton. (@megan_morton) on

The stylist’s taste for detail isn’t limited to her own home interiors but also extends to food, fashion and external aesthetics.

A photo posted by Megan Morton. (@megan_morton) on

A photo posted by Megan Morton. (@megan_morton) on

We’ll leave you here with a link to her Instagram, a small prayer for your bank balance and a reminder that any home can be beautiful with a little light, a little lily and a little love.

Listen to the full I Don’t Know How She Does It podcast to learn not just how this one-woman powerhouse does it but how she does it well. 

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