Celeb in 5: Tuesday's best entertainment and gossip news.


1. “Not if we were the last people on earth.” Megan Marx’s scathing comment about ex Tiffany Scanlon.

Well, it looks like we won’t be seeing Megan Marx back with her ex-girlfriend Tiffany Scanlon anytime soon…

Just days on from splitting with her Bachelor in Paradise boyfriend Jake Ellis, a fan questioned whether the 29-year-old would ever get back together with the woman she met on The Bachelor.

And boy, was her response blunt.

“Not if we were the last people on earth,” Megan responded.



Megan and Tiffany made their relationship public on Instagram shortly after Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor aired in 2016.

They dated for nine months before announcing their split back in March last year.

In January this year, Daily Mail asked Tiffany how she felt about Megan’s new relationship with 31-year-old Jake.

“I wish them luck,” she said at the time.

2. Tom Gleeson has revealed the most baffling guest he’s ever had on Hard Chat.

Host of Hard Chat, Tom Gleeson, has perfected the art of the painfully awkward, but funny, interview, with some of his victims guests including Karl Stefanovic, Sophie Monk and even our very own Mia Freedman.

But, there was one guest who turned the tables on the comedian and this was none other than the legendary, former SBS newsreader, Lee Lin Chin.

“I think that chat went for 45 minutes, it just kept going and going and going,” he told the Studio 10 panel on Tuesday.

“And I reckon half an hour of it was not usable, it was just on another planet.

“By the end of it, I feel like she had rearranged my whole psychology. And then we had to somehow assemble it into something entertaining.”

We’d expect nothing less from the eccentric Aussie personality.

Watch a snippet of the baffling Hard Chat right here:

Video by The Weekly

Going back to the 2015 archives, while the Hard Chat is a bit… erm… stiff, we personally wouldn’t mind if a network gave the two of them a talk show of their own.

Someone make it happen please.

3. 22-year-old Playboy model linked to Ben Affleck has shared her side of the story.

Since it was rumoured that Playboy model, Shauna Sexton, was dating actor Ben Affleck, the 22-year-old has found herself a victim of the ye old Instagram troll.

Because people suck.

While Affleck is now attending rehab – after estranged wife, Jennifer Garner reportedly staged an intervention – Sexton is currently fending off nasty Instagram comments by debunking the rumours of any connection with the father-of-two.

Replying to a particularly nasty comment on Instagram, the model wrote: “It’s so bizarre to me that you follow me and have the energy to come to the comments section strictly to comment something negative?”

“Never drank around or with him for the record. Don’t pollute your brain with tabloid and media bullsh*t. Form an educated opinion on things if you do decide to.”

Shauna Sexton
Image: Instagram.

Sexton also responded to another account who accused her of being behind Affleck's lapse in sobriety and commented about her two previous convictions for public intoxication.

"Do these mistakes mean I would disrespect someone’s hard earned sobriety by drinking with them or in front of them? Hell no. I have limitless respect people who have the humility and maturity to admit when they need to fix something in their life. I have even more respect for those who take action and actually do something about it," she wrote.

"With that being said, Ben is a grown ass man, baby. He makes his own decisions. Blaming a 22 year old for someone’s 3rd time in rehab is just ridiculous. He is human. I am human. You are human. We all are going to f**k up it’s just a matter of learning from it. Don’t be so quick to throw shade on people. Take a step back, accept that we are all on our own journey, and be a little less critical."


And you know what? She's 100 per cent right.

4. Joel Creasey says he no longer speaks to former I'm a Celebrity co-host, Heather Maltman.

Apparently Joel Creasey has it in for Bachelor contestants... including those he's actually worked with.

The host of Channel Seven's new dating series, Take Me Out Australia, has slammed stars of The Bachelor in an interview with Daily Mail, admitting he teases reality stars to 'keep their egos in check', and that he knows they only want to go on the show for 'free stuff'.


'They think that we believe that they're there for love. Whereas we all know, we're sitting at home in our lounge room being like, 'Mate you're just on here for Instagram followers'," the comedian said.


"I always think that all these people suddenly get all this fame and start to get all this free stuff so I'm there to provide the balance to that and call them out for what they are."

When asked about his former I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here NOW! co-host Heather Maltman, who was the loveable friend-zoned Bachelor contestant vying for Sam Wood's heart in 2015, Joel said he hasn't kept in touch.

"We were colleagues so you know, we haven't really spoken," Joel said.

"I've bumped into her once or twice but she's up in Northern Territory or Queensland or something doing radio. Very different worlds."

We wonder what he thinks about the Take Me Out contestants...

5. The Bachelor's Romy has detailed what we didn't see happen when she hopped in Nick's swag.

By now it's pretty clear that Romy doesn't mind stirring up bit of drama in this season of The Bachelor.

And that includes sneaking into Nick's swag on a group camping trip for a bit of extra one-on-one time with all the other bachelorettes just metres away.

The pair were heard giggling by Cass which made her a lot little uncomfortable.

Cass Wood
"What. Happened. In. The. Swag. Nick."

Speaking to TV Week, Romy insisted the swag visit was all the Honey Badger's idea.

"It was time for bed and Nick motioned for me to come into his swag," she said.

"He wanted a snuggle. It was really harmless, we just had a cuddle and a giggle and looked at the stars. It was really cute. He gave me a kiss goodnight as I was leaving, but it wasn't a full-on pash or anything."

You can read the full story here.