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Megan and Elora's Bachelor in Paradise hook up isn't exactly what it seems.

We’ve been bamboozled.

According to The Sun Herald, Megan Marx will not be hooking up with Elora Murger on Bachelor in Paradise.

Instead, Marx will be spending some quality time in da pool with Canadian intruder, Thomas Perras.

Perras is a long-haired brunette who looks suspiciously like Murger, especially in the grainy promo videos the network has been playing over and over and over again.

Anyhoo, Perras is a 32-year-old model and carpenter, and he was a contestant in the very first season of The Bachelorette Canada in 2016.

megan marx elora murger bachelor in paradise 2018
The kiss in question. Image: Channel Ten.

The Sun Herald reports that before appearing on The Bachelorette, a two-storey house fell on Perras, leaving him wheelchair bound for six months.

It took the carpenter almost 12 months to learn how to walk again.

During this time Perras thought about his life and what he really wanted his future to look like. So, when he was fully recovered, he entered a modelling competition.

He won said competition and went on to work for the likes of Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Wrangler Jeans.

He then went on a TV show to try to find a wife.

Perras will enter paradise in about two weeks and he will immediately hit it off with Marx, 29.


Marx first appeared on our screens during Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor back in 2016, and from the outset, she seemed like a favourite to win his heart.

That is, until she spectacularly turned him down mid rose-ceremony, telling Strahan she couldn’t accept his rose.

“From the moment I met you, I felt like you’re someone I could fall in love with… but I just can’t fall in love with such competition and intensity,” she said.

“This is about you finding someone you can fall in love with, and even though I think I could do that, I can’t do that like this.”

But just a few months after the show finished airing, Marx shared that she had found love – with her fellow contestant, Tiffany Scanlon.

After months of speculation, the pair finally confirmed they were an item in September 2016, but by the next March, they had split.

We can't bloody wait for the next episode of "It's very sweaty here and we need more beers" Bachelor in Paradise.

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