Megan Gale vows to never work with an Australian swimwear label again.

Megan Gale has spoken out about Seafolly’s decision to drop her swimwear collection, Isola, late last year.

At the time, Gale posted to social media, writing, “After six successful, wonderful seasons together partnering with Seafolly we have decided to part ways.”

The six-year partnership appeared to have ended on good terms, however, she did acknowledge in an interview with The Australian Financial Review that, “It is unusual for there to be such a big change within a brand when it is having great success season on season.”

Megan Gale swimwear
Megan Gale at Isola launch. Image via Getty.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the 40-year-old model described how hard the situation was to process “after years of putting my heart and soul into a partnership I trusted.”

Gale claims that Seafolly discontinued her range, and has since launched a new Milea collection, which bears a “striking resemblance” to Isola.

Isola was founded with Seafolly in 2010.

Isola swimwear. Image via Getty.

Shocked by the alleged similarity between the two swimwear ranges, she reflected, “Never would I imagine that a few months following I would be facing the news that I was.”

She continued, “I have tried to remain dignified and respectful throughout…but you do reach a point that enough is enough.”

The brand was rested for a season, and Gale is exploring her options “whether to run the business [herself] or partner with someone new.”

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