"My main concern was the baby": Megan Gale has had an "agonising" accident.

Megan Gale, who is three months pregnant with her second child, had a scare yesterday after falling up the stairs.

“Yesterday I had a bit of an incident,” the 41-year-old reportedly said in an InstaStories video earlier today.

“I was walking up our stairs and my foot was just placed badly on the step and my foot rolled over. “

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The model and swimwear designer said it was painful, but her first concern was her unborn baby.

“I heard a crunch and a tear. To say it was agonising is putting it mildly, but my main concern was the baby and if it was okay,” she told her social media followers.

After consulting the doctor, Gale was assured the baby is unharmed. She underwent testing and still doesn’t know if it’s a rolled ankle or bad sprain.

Megan Gale's swollen foot. Image via Instagram.

Gale said falling over while pregnant was not a foreign experience for her.

“For some reason when I’m pregnant I’m the world's most uncoordinated human. I fell over three times with River," she said.

River is Gale's two-year-old son with partner Richmond AFL footballer Shaun Hampson.


The actress has been told to rest her ankle until the swelling and bruising goes down.

"I need to stay home and rest which is going to be a challenge because I have a toddler and I’m not good at sitting down and doing nothing," she said.

"Thank God I have the world’s most supportive partner."