Is that what we think it is Megan Gale?

The celebrity mum sparks speculation with her latest Instagram snap.

Megan Gale, 39, and her partner Shaun Hampson, 26, already share a baby boy together, after welcoming their son River into the world last May.

And now, a photo that the model-mum shared on her Instagram account yesterday has sparked rumours that the pair might be more than just parents.

If that’s what we think it is on Megan’s ‘wedding finger’ she could be engaged, or even married.

Have a look:

That is a shiny ring on a left ring finger... Image via @megankgale Instagram.

Take a closer look - that is definitely a band on her ring finger. Megan, what are you keeping from us?

A gold and silver band...

Megan captioned the shot with, "3rd flight in 4 days".

The Australian model and her footballer partner have been together for four years so it would only make sense, right? The duo began dating in 2011, after Megan split from her radio star boyfriend, Andy Lee.

So if that photo is anything to go off, we'll be expecting a formal announcement very soon...

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