Megan Gale's baby photo is adorable. But the story behind it is hilarious.

When Megan Gale was a toddler, she loved taking naps with her pet boxer, Brandy, and often slept in her beloved pet’s bed.

She shared the snap of her and her childhood pet with her Instagram followers today to help raise awareness of childhood cancer as part of The Children’s Cancer Institute new campaign.

“I was definitely a unique child.” Gale wrote, “My Mum tells me that as a toddler I was quite fond of taking naps with out pet boxer dog Brandy and was often found in her bed.”

Megan Gale shared this lovely photo of her and her pet boxer. Image via Instagram @megankgale.

The initiative - which asks Instagram users to post a unique childhood photo with the hashtag #IWasAUniqueChild - is designed to raise awareness of unique research into treatments that will fight childhood cancer.

Gale, who is mother to one-year-old River Hampson with her partner, footballer Shaun Hampson, now has a border collie called Bosco.

Like Brandy, it seems that Bosco is a much loved member of the Gale/Hampson family, with the pampered pooch even boasting his own Instagram account.

Will you be posting a photo with the #IWasAUniqueChild hashtag? 

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