Megan Gale has some words for Sam Frost amid her social media blackout.

Life in the spotlight is never as easy as it seems: just ask former Bachelorette-turned-radio host Sam Frost, who last week deleted all of her social media accounts in an effort to escape constant rumours about her relationship with Sasha Mielczarek.

Sometimes the only people you can turn to for advice in these situations are fellow celebs… which is exactly what Sam did when supermodel and Australia’s Next Top Model judge Megan Gale stopped by her breakfast radio show last week.

Supermodel Megan Gale had some social media advice for Sam Frost. Image via Twitter.

The 41-year-old gave Sam some valuable advice when it comes to dealing with online trolls and bullies: "block, delete and move on."

"One comment that Jen Hawkins made to me: 'I don't read the comments, I can't it's too damaging, it's negative and it's toxic'," Megan told Sam and Rove.

Sam and Sasha have been plagued by break-up rumours since they unfollowed each other on social media. Image via Instagram.

"I really agree with her. Sometimes you find yourself reading things and if someone's saying something bad about you that's their stuff. That's what they want to project, it's their negative energy. So I think you just leave it with them."

It's a topic close to Gale's heart, describing life in the spotlight and social media as a "double-edged sword" to Mamamia last week.


"You try and keep things private and then people say you’re too closed off and not approachable or you don’t want to share. Or you do share and it’s like, you’re sharing too much, no-one wants to see that, no-one wants to see that," she said.

"At the end of the day you’re never going to please everyone and you shouldn’t be trying to please everyone. You should be trying to put out something positive but not doing it so everyone loves you."

The model also said she knew there were more important things in life than figuring out how to respond to negative comments online.

"Life is just so precious and time is so precious. To sit there and think, 'How am I going to write back to this person?' when instead I could be playing with my son," she said.

Sam and Rove on the ACRAs red carpet.

A tough week for the 27-year-old ended on a high note, with the first-time radio host making a splash on the red carpet of the Australian Commercial Radio Awards in Melbourne.