Yes, Megan Fox is pregnant. No, she doesn't need to rethink her divorce.

Rumours Megan Fox is pregnant with her third child were confirmed earlier this week and, as she’s in the process of divorcing Brian Austin Green, frenzied speculation started about who the father could be. When it was confirmed Brian was indeed the father, it was swiftly presumed she would therefore slam the brakes on divorce proceedings and embrace a full reconciliation. Why?

Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean Megan needs a man. She doesn’t lose her independence, courage, power or her strength. Neither does she suddenly need the security of a relationship. No woman needs to lean on a man to be a good mother.

It’s as if our brains have exploded with the information overload and we’ve tripped ourselves up in the tangled threads of her situation, falling to the floor in a dazed and confused heap. All because they are being astute, sensible and leaving knee-jerk reunions at the door?

Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean Megan needs a man. (Image: Getty)

This is a much-loved pair with their heads screwed on. They both managed to achieve huge success in their careers while protecting their private life. There were no boozy scraps, no public bust-ups and no shocking scandals; genuine affection seemed to live where drama can thrive in many headline grabbing celebrity relationships.

They were together for 11 years and have two young sons together, Noah Shannon, 3 ½ and Bodhi Ransom, 2. Megan filed for divorce last August, calling time on their marriage of five years. When any young family struggles to find happiness and the parents decide to go their separate ways, our hearts go out to them. But if they decide they can’t make it work, that’s their call. Who are we to wade in with judgement?

When a friend close to the pair confirmed to People magazine that Brian was “of course” the father it was swiftly presumed their divorce would be called off. Not the case.

And now, headlines feign horror that she would she want to push ahead with the legal process. We all know band-aid babies can’t save broken relationships. Wouldn’t it be more alarming if she decided to go back at this stage?

When you know it's time for a divorce, you know. What Mamamia staff reveal the moment they knew to call it quits. Post continues after video...


When she filed for divorce Megan cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ and guess what? The words, “I’m pregnant” don’t reconcile differences.

It is foolishly naive to think that saying “I’m pregnant” should be followed by harmonious harps beginning to play as the couple gently take each other’s hands and walk off into the land of happy ever after.

The words “I’m pregnant” might be life-changing, but they don’t pour glue into a relationship that has cracked, neither do they undo hurt, turn back time or mend whatever differences caused friction.

This is a couple that have tried their very best. In an interview last year Megan described Brian as her “soul mate” and added, “he’s definitely meant to be the father of my children.” Neither of those things have to change because they get divorced. Not every breakup is bitter and pumped full of rage.

I will give you roots and I will give you wings.

A photo posted by Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) on Jan 5, 2015 at 10:54pm PST

What’s really in the best interest of these gorgeous children is that their parents remain as amicable as possible, custody is shared, access is made easy and plenty of love is flooded into nurturing precious childhoods.

The quote which People magazine ran also said that the pair “never stopped loving each other and they will never stop being devoted parents to their boys.” The maturity to separate devoted parenting from a broken relationship is both admirable and heartening.

This is an empowering woman making a well-reasoned, confident and rational choice. Rather than disapproving or judging, we should be saying congratulations to them both - and thank you Megan Fox for showing us how far women have come.

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