The Bachelor's Megan and Tiffany got matching tattoos but you have to look very, very closely.

The Bachelor’s Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon have gotten MATCHING TATTOOS to mark their everlasting love.

Tiffany, 30, took to Instagram on Tuesday morning to reveal the news to her 83,000 followers, explaining: “Megan was a clean skin until I took her virginity.”

It turns out the couple, whose post-Bachelor romance made international headlines, got their ink while holidaying together in Bali in June. Strangely enough, the tattoos were free due to a cafe’s Tuesday taco promotion.

“We got matching tattoos, can you ‘spot’ them?” Tiffany asked beside a photo of the pair showing off their index fingers.

Yep. If you squint your eyes, cock your head to a 90-degree angle and try really REALLY hard, you’ll see small dots on each of the girls’ fingers.

Plenty of fans praised Megan and Tiffany for their new ink additions.

“You guys are super cute, seriously I wish someday I have a relationship like you guys,” wrote one fan, while another shared: “Now you can add extra dots to mark each milestone in your lives together.”


Early last month, Megan and Tiffany have revealed how they went from friends to something more.

“While we were in the show, it was just a friendship,” Tiffany told Daily Mail, elaborating that it wasn’t until the duo went on the very same holiday that the relationship evolved.

“It was like ‘Oh, this is more’.”

Megan, 27, added that she found Tiffany “very attractive” in the house and that there was a “very strong connection” between the pair from the beginning.

“We found each other hilarious but other people didn’t kind of get us. Like we’d do weird things and thought it was funny, but nobody else did,” she said.