Megan and Tiffany just gave a (very) X-rated interview with Kyle and Jackie O.

Public Service Announcement: Kyle and Jackie O forgot to think about the children and invited The Bachelor’s Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon onto their radio show to chat about dildos, naked baths, sex positions, and “coitus”.

I would apologise for drawing attention to the word “coitus”, but you’re the one who clicked into this. And you should know they chatted about coitus and forgot about the children.

On the phone from their new home in Bali on Friday morning, the duo decided to provide an unfiltered depiction of their sex life.

Discussing the extent of their relationship while on the show, the couple said they had a “close friendship” and they would often take “naked baths” together. (Which makes me think perhaps I’m doing friendship wrong?)

But it wasn’t until they were in Bali and dabbled in the “ice game” that things took a new turn.


“We were at one of the bars in Bali and we were playing the ice game — where you have a cube of ice in your mouth and you have to pass it on within five seconds to someone from your mouth to their mouth,” Scanlon told the show. “Megan passed it to me and there was a bit of an extended kiss.”

When pressed if they slept together that night (#journalizm) the girls said: “We did all sorts of things that night, you’d be embarrassed to hear about them.”

And so they found themselves discussing sex positions – with Kyle pressing the girls if they have “done the wheelbarrow”.

Mamamia OutLoud discuss Megan and Tiffany. Post continues after audio. 

(Sorry, the what?)

Tiffany hasn’t, for those of you angled on the edge of your seats. But Megan’s got her back.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll get my dildo out and we’ll do the wheelbarrow,” she told the program.

So that’s that, then.

As you were, folks.