Bachelor's Megan and Tiffany finally reunited in Bali, and in the most Aussie way possible.

The Bachelor’s Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon are in Bali. They’re staying in Canggu – a coastal village around 10 kilometres from the main strip Kuta – and they’ve spent their reunion together in the most Australian way possible.

How? None other than listening to Triple J’s Hottest 100, of course.

“What else?” Megan asked on the image she posted to Instagram. 

She posted this just before Tiffany said; “First night in Bali with my girl”.

Listening to the Hottest 100 today… What else? Greetings from Canggu ???????? #shelikesredwine

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First night in Bali with my girl @megan.leto.marx

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The pair are planning to stay in Bali for a few months, working on “projects and collaborations” according to an older post on Tiffany’s Instagram.

Megan landed in Bali a week ago, and Tiffany flew to join her today after delaying her arrival due to a reported health issue.

And their reunion was, of course, just in time for the one, the only, Hottest 100.

Bali life seems to be agreeing with the two, however. With Megan posting a selfie saying; “Bali = less hair, less makeup, less stress.”

From where we’d all rather be.