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Hawk-eyed fans are convinced Megan and Tiffany have broken up.

Fans of Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon are convinced love is dead, the honeymoon period is over and arguably the most high-profile couple to come out of The Bachelor franchise has broken up.

The speculation comes after both Megan and Tiffany shared separate solo images on their Instagram accounts, both referencing the need for “solitude” and “healing”.

On one hand, Megan posted a photo of herself on a boat cruising without her girlfriend, writing beside the image, “Exactly what I needed today. Nature, diving, solitude.”

Fans were quick to hint something was awry, with one writing, “You are beautiful Megs, just want you to know (over social media) that I support you, and wish you the best and love through this new transition,” while others took to the comments to ask if the couple was still together.

Exactly what I needed today. Nature, diving, solitude.

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Across the seas and on her own account, Tiffany appeared to be back in Australia after moving to Bali with Megan. She posed on the beach with her dogs and wrote, “Creature comforts” with the hashtags #backhome, #comfort, #oceanhealing, #myhappyplace and #lostinlife.

“I’m broken hearted. Hard to assume but the sign says you aren’t together anymore,” one fan wrote under the image. Another quoted E.E Cummings who once said “for whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always ourself we find in the sea.”


In response, Tiffany wrote: “I’ve not heard that quote before but it resonates with me right now, thank you.”

When another asked if she was back in Perth for good, Tiffany said she was “for now”.

Among the many comments wishing her well lest the couple really did split, Tiffany replied with thanks — and not correcting those assuming the couple has broken up.

It’s been a week since Tiffany has posted with Megan on her account, and two weeks since Tiffany has appeared on Megan’s account. This fact alone would be unremarkable if it wasn’t for the way their relationship played out in the public eye, the duo more than happy to share the more intimate snaps of their relationship on a fairly consistent basis.

In December, just months after going public with their relationship, the couple announced they had created a joint public Facebook page for fans to follow their activity. The page has since been removed, but it is unclear if it was taken down some time ago or if it’s a more recent removal.

Mamamia has reached out to both Megan and Tiffany for comment.