ROAD TEST: The breast sweat spray that promises to mop up your damp boobs.

Hello again.

Previously, we’ve established I’m a bit… sweaty.

I’ve been known to get a bit damp under breast. And pit. And any other fold of skin that rubs up against another fold of skin.

Last time we chatted, I was sticking good ole sanitary pads on the inside of my top to fight grubby underarm stains. We’ve also discussed the life changing magic of Neat 3B Cream.

So in today’s instalment of me trying things I’ve seen on the internet to not be wet all the time, I’d like to introduce you to Megababe’s Bust Dust.

Yes, Bust Dust.


Created by Katie Sturino, Megababe’s founder and a woman who thinks we’re way too cute to chafe, Bust Dust was designed to set us free from the uncomfortable ouchiness of breastage sweat.

As someone who owns breasts that sweat, I was very keen to see if this product could help reduce the sore, red spots I find on my top half when taking off my bra after a long, warm day.

At $20.25 AU (plus $17.15 AU for shipping from the US in 7-21 working days), Bust Dust isn’t the cheapest nor the most convenient product to get your hands on. So is Megababe’s Bust Dust worth your time and money?

Let’s go through the basics to find out.

What does Bust Dust do?

Bust Dust promises big things. Namely, to have “the final word on boob sweat”.

“Formulated with bacteria-fighting lavender and soothing chamomile, think of it as your daily armour to protect against sweat seeping through your top. What you will find is superior sweat protection and a smooth, velvety finish,” the product’s website says.

Essentially, it acts in the same way baby powder kept us dry before we found out talc could increase our risk of ovarian cancer (not cool man).

What is Bust Dust made from?

It looks like talcum powder, but you and your ovaries can be assured it’s not. Bust Dust is basically corn starch – known for it’s high moisture absorbency – and bicarb soda mixed with a few other lumps and bumps friendly additions.


Like aloe for it’s anti-inflammatory and cooling properties, lavender’s natural antiseptic, and the rich antioxidants and essential oils of chamomile.

Bust Dust is also certified organic, if you’re into that sort of thing, and is only “tested on megababes, not animals”.

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When would you use Bust Dust?

You can use Bust Dust everyday to soak up any commute/humid weather/out and about living your life boob sweat.

But this kind of product is also extra handy for anytime you’d experience an increase of sweat in between your breasts, like on a 30-something degree day or during a gym session.


Basically, you can use Bust Dust whenever you feel like you don’t want damp boobs.

How do you apply Bust Dust?

Bust Dust comes in a very fun looking pump bottle, which was designed so the product can be applied with as little fuss as possible.

“Shake well and spray liberally under, between and around boobs (or apply directly inside your bra) before getting dressed and get on with your day!” the lovely blue writing on the back of the packaging told me.

So I did. And things got a bit messy.

Whether or not I went a little too gung-ho or there’s a design flaw no one else has noticed, aiming the sweet smelling powder at my breast area and pumping away resulted in what looked like a wash of icing sugar on my bathroom floor.

Or the aftermath of a big – and illegal – night out.

Personally, I found the best way to apply the product was to spray a couple pumps into my hands and then rub all over my boobs, under my arms and anywhere I experience chaffing.

I’d also recommend not doing this in your bedroom or anywhere you don’t want to get covered in Bust Dust. The shower worked a treat for me.

bust dust
I'd show you my boobs with Dust Bust on, but... I don't want to. Image: Supplied.

Does Bust Dust work?

Once I applied the product, I (reluctantly) chucked on a bra (and some clothes) and went about my day. After making it through a normally very humid 30-minute train commute, my boobs arrived to the office feeling "very silky and dry".

That's in quotations because it's what I told any of my colleagues who'd listen.

Throughout my day I continued to stroke my cleavage, skeptically willing some dampness to appear. But nothing.

It wasn't until around after work drinks seated at a table in direct sunlight I found the magical affects of the Bust Dust wearing off. If I wasn't wearing a black dress, I would've reapplied on the spot.

Honestly, I was pretty darn happy with the nine or so hours of dryness I experienced. Not only did I feel more put together and comfortable throughout my day wearing Bust Dust, but I definitely noticed a reduction in my usual post-bra redness.


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So, is Bust Dust worth it?

This product does exactly what it says it will. Plain and simple, Bust Dust kept my breasts nice and dry.

Aside from the fact it works, the best thing about Megababe's Bust Dust is how it takes all the awkwardness and shame out of a completely normal thing women struggle with every single day.

Instead of turning to baby powder (which is for cute little baby bottoms) or anti-chafe sticks (which are for men and their bits), in Bust Dust I've found a product designed with me in mind that smells nice, comes in fun, practical packaging, and doesn't make me feel crap or gross just because my boobs get sweaty most days.

Like how you might use a CC cream to cover your redness or an extra spritz of eau de toilette for a 3pm freshen up, Bust Dust is just another thing women can use to feel comfortable and get on their days.

I would suggest finding a friend to split the cost of shipping with though. If you're looking for one, you know where to find me.

You can find out more about the Megababe Bust Dust over on the Megababe website and Instagram.

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