Inside the home of one of the world's most organised people.

Is Alejandra Costello one of the most organised people in the world?

The 31-year-old American was once named as one of the five most organised people in the United States by House and Garden TV.

While we’re not entirely sure how HGTV managed to get a handle on the organisational habits of every single person in America, it’s pretty easy to see why Costello would be high up on that list, and possibly a world wide one too, if such a thing exists.

You can see a tour of Alejandra’s super organised home here:

Her website and YouTube channel feature dozens of videos, all with thousands of views, that share tips and tricks for cleaning, sorting and tidying your house. Every nook and cranny of it. Even the bits you didn’t know needed organising.

Like your craft station.

For most people, the idea of even having a designated area for your crafting endeavors is more organised than we would ever dream of. But it truly is a thing of beauty.

Image viaHome Organizing by Alejandra.tv 

Unsurprisingly, one of Alejandra's most popular videos is 'organsing a pantry on a budget'. There are over 295,000 people in the world who need help with this. At least.

Here are just a few of Alejandra's top tips:

1. Keep the top shelf of your cupboard/pantry for your large items.

Alejandra says things you buy in bulk like paper towels and cereal (bulk cereal?) should be kept out of the way.

2. Keep bottles and liquids in pans.

So clever, rather than forking out for lazy susans, pop one baking pan inside another. You can spin them around to find what you're after and you avoid messy spills.

3. Keep your dry ingredients in labeled tubs.

Image viaHome Organizing by Alejandra.tv 

Okay, most of us have got this one down. Alejandra also recommends that where possible, you seek air-tight containers of different sizes to maximise your space.

4. Take your snacks out of their boxes.

Alejandra stores her munchies in labelled trays. They take up less place and make it easier to spot your desired mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

5. Use poster-board as a shelf liner.

Image viaHome Organizing by Alejandra.tv 

If your cupboard has wire racks or shelves, you should cover them with some form of flat material to limit ventilation and again, make it easier to clean up any messes.

You can watch Alejandra's full pantry organising video below:

Alejandra Costello is a Creative Organizing Expert who shows busy people how to declutter their lives with easy-to-follow (and fun!) organizing video tutorials. For more tips, visit Alejandra.TV

You can also find her here:

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