These $18 multi-use makeup sticks are the easiest and fastest way to glow-town.

You know what we don’t need in the second half of 2020? Fussy, complicated, several-step beauty products that are just going to end up in the CBF bin.

We want easy. We want simple. We want un-stuff-up-able. We want ‘please make me look a bit more alive/happy/unaffected-by-a-global-pandemic in less than 30 seconds, thank you’.

You know who read the room? Mecca Max did.

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And so today they have launched the Mecca Max Off Duty Beauty Stix, 18 bucks a pop, which I have been playing with for the past few weeks.

It’s a collection of nine shades, some used to contour, others to add colour and also a killer highlighter. Each one is in the form of a fun, fat crayon. Because right now we desperately need fun, people. 

The cream formulas are buttery and totally buildable - on first swipe you get a soft wash of colour but you can totally layer that up for a more intense pop if rosy cheeks are your vibe.

They wear so well on top of liquid foundation (do any powders as your last step over these if you wish) but I also really like applying them on their own over my skincare, too, for a tiny bit of ‘something’ even if I’m doing nothing. 


The sticks are broken down into three categories:

Glow Stick

The brand says this bad boy is like a post-facial glow in a stick, and they are not wrong. In the below photo if I have it on my cheekbones, just over a bit of tinted sunscreen (because I wasn't leaving the living room - don't judge). The finish is juicy but not sticky (so your hair’s not going to be plastered to your face. Praise be). 

Image: Supplied. 

Blush Sticks

There’s six shades in the blush, my fave being ‘pinch’, which is sort of a dirty rose colour. You've also got Sorbet, Candy, Juicy, Tutu and Moody. They are super easy to use - just smile at yourself in the mirror, swipe on your apple, then blend with your fingers. Moody, a deep burgundy shade, is also ace as a subtle lip stain just FYI.


Image: Supplied. 

Contour Sticks

My skills are pretty average when it comes to cream contour - I prefer to use powder to give my face some 3D definition. Reason being is I often find creams hard to blend and I end up looking ruddy or dirty. But not with these. There’s two shades - Medium and Deep, and I’ve been using Medium under my cheekbone and in my hairline, working it in with a damp sponge. The formula blends like a dream - no stubborn lines or harsh contrasts.

Image: Supplied. 


Being a cream I can't guarantee they will last a 16 hour day, but you can always set them with a little translucent for extra staying-power. They're also the kind of product you can chuck in your bag (if you're actually going anywhere lol lol) and reapply throughout the day without fear of product build-up. 

Think of them like a delicious lip balm for your face. Sort of.

Feature Image: Supplied.

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