Why two burger emojis have started a worldwide debate.

Well, howdy-doo.

This morning I woke up with the intention for today to be just like any other day.

Have a cup of tea. Check news/world hasn’t imploded. Go to work.

You know, the norm.

How wrong I was. Twitter – of course, it had to be Twitter – struck me down. I should clarify, it wasn’t just Twitter as a whole, but this tweet in particular:

But it’s not just the cheese. It’s the lettuce. 

Up until this moment in my life, I hadn’t thought very seriously about the stacking of ingredients on my burger, but thanks to Thomas Baekdal, I now am.

In case you’re thinking this is an over-reaction, which it definitely is not, there are millions of people who have been dumbfounded by said tweet.

More than two million people have engaged with it – sharing their case for the ideal anatomy of a burger.



Even the Google CEO has jumped on board questioning these big questions in life.

Since Mr Pichai thinks it’s okay to drop everything on Monday and fix this, so will I.

In my investigations, I have identified that even the major fast food chain, McDonald’s, has problems deciding where to place the cheese.

Exhibit A: The Cheeseburger


Cheese above patty. Okay. Right. Image via McDonald's.

Exhibit B: Filet-O-Fish


Did everyone else notice that change?

Beef: put cheese above.

Fish: put cheese below.


For your interest, in McDonald's chicken burger, they opt for the cheese above.

In my comprehensive analysis, Hungry Jack's also opts for the cheese on top but KFC does it completely differently with lettuce at the bottom, cheese, then the chicken.

I don't know.

I was always cheese first, patty next kind of girl but maybe it was all a lie.