Everyone on Twitter is sharing their meaningless 'work meeting phrases' and they are ALL TOO REAL.

Whether you’re dealing with co-workers you may not like, or are caught bitching about colleagues, office/work life is always a struggle.

Meetings are one of the many hurdles throughout the work day. Most of the time there are a lot of puzzled faces and many meaningless scribbles in notebooks. It’s all about appearing in-the-know, right?

Stand-up comedian Adam Hess from London tweeted about his work meetings epiphany. Specifically, a phrase that has been getting him by all this time no matter what.

“Took 28 years to realise that no matter what the meeting is about, if you randomly chime in with ‘it’s just about finding that balance’ people will always agree,” he wrote.

More than 8,000 retweets later, others chimed in with more phrases they’ve churned out to get them through tricky or boring meetings.

And, if you’re reading this while procrastinating in a meeting, don’t worry, WE GOT YOU.

What’s a company without those core values?

There’s a sword, and some water metaphors, and… WHY DO THESE ALL SOUND SO FAMILIAR?!

The one word-ers.

You know what you’re talking about if you confused the office.

That stupid end-goal (WTF is it) and everyone saying there needs to be a journey to get there. Well, duh.

The more practical approach where you don’t even need to say a thing.

Or, for an added bonus, said pieces of paper can be you playing bingo with your coworker in said meeting.

If the bingo chart fills up pretty quickly… we know we have an office language problem. And there’s probably nothing we can do about it.

It’s just about finding that balance, you know?

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