SHUT. UP. There's a new deleted scene from Mean Girls you can watch.

Just when you thought it was safe to put on your sweatpants…

Something grool has happened. It may have been ten years (don’t think about it) since Mean Girls first came out, but it is not over yet.

A new, never before seen clip has emerged and now you can watch it. Right here. Today.

Because, as all regulation hotties can agree, Mean Girls rules. It’s full of important lessons, like don’t have unsafe sex lest you get chlamydia and die, army pants go great with flip flops and don’t ever, EVER, name your child Glen Coco.

There is no limit to how much of this movie we can take. You might even say, the limit does not exist.

So sit back and enjoy this deleted scene from prom night when Cady and Regina clash horns in the bathroom for the last time.

Who knows, Gretchen might finally make fetch happen.

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