"It felt like a boujee salon product": 15 women tested MCoBeauty's natural skincare range.

Thanks to our brand partner, MCoBeauty

Well, well, well... if it isn't our obsession with skincare trickling over into 2022. (Ha! As if it wouldn't!)      

You may have even set some New Year's resolutions, like: create a nighttime routine and stick to it. Or something much more challenging like: ACTUALLY TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF AFTER A NIGHT OUT. (Me. Yes. Guilty.)

For others, you may have made a goal this year to save hard on your hard-earned cash moolah, and still enjoy beauty buys worth your time!

Stay calm when I remind you that one of Australia's favourite luxe-for-less brands, MCoBeauty, recently launched a new collection of salon-quality natural skincare (and 10/10 convenience in being able to grab from Woolies!). 

I mean, look at them. STUNNING.

Hello, new friends. Image: Supplied.

The collection is complete with 6 daily skincare essentials that all have a high concentration of science-backed active ingredients and native Aussie botanicals to help you get that *New Year, same pandemic* glow. Er... we mean, that *New Year* glow! YAY!

The range is also Australian-made, natural, vegan and cruelty free – and starts at $12. Sounds pretty fab right? 

All that's left to do is to whack it on our faces and get this love affair started!


So, we asked a whopping 150 beauty lovers from our You Beauty Panel to trial and review two of MCoBeauty's skincare saveys, the Hydrating Day & Night Face Moisturiser ($34) and the Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C Face Serum ($38).

Here are the reviews they reported back to us.

Zoe, 36: "The serum felt like a boujee salon product."

"Ah, it was so hard to choose which product was my favourite as they were both beautiful products. The serum felt like a boujee salon product, I can't get over how effortlessly it slid onto my skin and made it GLOW! The moisturiser was the perfect topper after the light tingle that the serum gave me. It sealed in all of that goodness and made my face feel hydrated and smooth. Love, love, love."

Yadi, 29: "My face feels replenished, smooth and vibrant."

"My face feels replenished, smooth and vibrant." Image: Supplied. "I particularly loved the consistency of this product. My face (I’m 39 weeks pregnant) feels replenished, smooth and vibrant after trialing this product. I was really surprised after trying these products because of how well they noticeably worked. The smell of the moisturiser is lush and it feels like a natural product that actually works which is the best thing to find in affordable skincare. 

"The serum is smooth and not overly sticky too. Nothing pilled and my makeup sat so wonderfully on top."


Beth, 42: "These products were the wake-up call my skin needed!"

"These products were the wake-up call my skin needed! I loved that only a small amount of the serum was required for my face and neck. 

"For me, these two products really made a difference. I am in my early 40s, so my skin has a bit of dullness to it and doesn't feel as smooth to touch as it once did. I definitely noticed a brightness to my skin after using these products as well as my skin feeling smoother. I use both products morning and night. At night I am not left with a greasy feeling on my face and during the day my makeup goes on easily over the products, with no need to use a primer."

Lucy, 29: "I have oily skin, and they were super lightweight and hydrating."

"The moisturiser smelt amazing and when it's the last thing you have on your face, it's always great when it smells delicious. It is also super lightweight but hydrating at the same time. I have oily skin and it sits so well on my skin."

Evi, 37: "My skin has never felt more balanced!"

"My skin has never felt more balanced!" Image: Supplied. "I loved these products so much! They really surprised me. I’ve used them day and night for the last few weeks and my skin has never felt more balanced! It's been hydrated at all times but not oily or dry.

"It really sinks into your face well too, making my skin feel so soft and supple. Plus, it smells so nice!"

Michelle, 33: "It added some extra hydration into my poor, dry skin."

"I have severely dehydrated skin at the moment from wearing masks at work so these helped me add some extra hydration into my poor, dry skin. On application, it absorbed nicely in the skin and didn't pill or feel sticky thanks to the great consistency."  


Alana, 41: "Perfect for summer. I will definitely buy these again!"

"I loved how quickly it absorbed into my skin and how light it felt under makeup! It felt nourishing enough for summer skincare without leaving me feeling greasy! All the products smell delightful and absorbed quickly! What an excellent range. I will definitely buy these again when they run out."

Sarah, 25: "I noticed a brightening effect!"

"The serum absorbed easily and didn’t feel thick under the moisturiser which was great. The formulas also felt so lightweight and nice to wear. I also noticed a brightening effect! As a nice little bonus, the packaging was also really cute and the dropper bottle made for an easy application." 

Ally, 30: "An absolute dream to use."

"The hydrating serum was an absolute dream to use. It provided instant plumpness and I was so glowy. My skin is quite dull before any skincare and I could see the radiance after using these products. I could also really feel my skin absorbing the product and there was minimal residue which was great. 

"I also noticed there was no extra unwanted oil throughout the day (my pet peeve as I have combination skin). If you are looking for a reasonably priced Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, this serum will achieve that 'lit from within' glow."

Jennifer, 48: "It definitely streamlined my routine."

"It definitely streamlined my routine." Image: Supplied. "I LOVE the convenience of a Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C face serum. It definitely streamlined my routine. The serum played well with other products and didn’t pill. It sunk in well and it has improved the texture of my skin.


"The moisturiser is quite light consistency wise which makes it great for summer."

Paige, 26: "A few weeks of this serum has made a huge difference to the hydration levels of my skin."

"I love that the serum has two actives: talk about multitasking! I have an eight week old so I'm a big fan of quick and easy skincare that actually works. 

"My postpartum skin was very dry and flaky, and a few weeks of this serum has made a huge difference to the hydration levels of my skin."

Emma, 25: "I never would have thought to use skincare that you can find in Woolworths."

"The products were fabulous. They smell lovely, have a great texture and feel wonderful on the skin. I never would have thought to use skincare that you can find in Woolworths, but I will definitely purchase them again once these run out.

"I loved the feel and texture of the products too. They glided onto my skin and left my skin feeling nourished."

Tracie, 58: "On par with more expensive products."

"I liked the Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C products the best. I found that they were on par with more expensive products I have used in the past and from a price comparison, very favourable. They also provided a similar feeling when rubbed into the skin."

Harriet, 29: "Super helpful for people who aren't used to using Hyaluronic Acid but want to try."

"Despite the fact my skin is very dry, a little product goes a long way. The moisturiser especially had my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed without the heaviness and greasy feeling a lot of other moisturisers I've used before have. 

"After only a few uses, my skin looked brighter and certainly more hydrated. I love it! The directions on the back, especially which product to follow up with, was super helpful for people like myself who aren't used to using Hyaluronic Acid but want to try it.

"All up, MCoBeauty has created a beautiful, accessible range that I look forward to trying more of!" 

Jordan, 31: "I'd totally recommend this to my friends!"

"I really loved the smell and the lightweight feel of the product on my skin. The packaging was also so nice, definitely something I want on show in my bathroom! I'd totally recommend this to my friends!"

Want to try it out for yourself? Shop the MCoBeauty skincare range from Woolworths, Big W and online.

Feature Image: Supplied/Mamamia.

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