'Claire' from McLeod's Daughters finally talks about the cliff scene.

If you’re a McLeod’s Daughters fan, you’ll remember that scene.

You’ll remember the moment the McLeod’s Daughters’ producers took your Drover’s Run-loving heart and smashed it into smithereens.

In case you missed it, McLeod’s Daughters was a noughties Aussie TV show centred around the two daughters of a bloke named McLeod.

When McLeod dies, the estranged daughters, Claire and Tess, have to put aside their differences and run the family property, Drover’s Run, together.

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So for three glorious seasons the women shear sheep, ride horses and do other farm-related activities that I don’t completely understand, in what will always be considered one of the most feminist TV shows on Australian TV.

They also fall in and out of love with the brothers on the bordering property – Alex and Nick Ryan. BE STILL OUR BEATING HEARTS.

But then it happens.

One day Claire is driving Tess and baby Charlotte back from a trip into town when her ute hits a pothole. She then veers off the road when a horse walks in front of the vehicle. The ute is left dangling off the side of a cliff.

Tess manages to grab little Charlotte and get to safety but she’s unable to get Claire out of ute in time.

In probably the most devastating scene in the history of Australian TV, the ute slides down the cliff and into a canyon, killing Claire.


It was bloody heartbreaking

Now Lisa Chappell, the actress who played Claire, has spoken about what it was like to film that scene.

“I’ve died many times on screen before but that particular death was the most challenging and satisfying,” she told The Fix

“It was because you saw the character know they’re going to their death. You saw them say goodbye to the people they love the most in the world.

“That was heart wrenching and quite hard to play. We shot it over two days so it was quite an arduous, long experience.”

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At the time of her unfair untimely death, Chappell had been playing the role of Claire for three years.

In that time she had built up such a strong bond with the rest of the cast and crew, making her death even more of a tear-jerker.

“I was Claire at that point,” she explained. “I’d been living and breathing her for three years. I hadn’t been active in my own life and so those relationships – with Bridie, with Tess, they were all very real for me.”

Oh Claire, it was all very real for us too.

If you feel like taking a trip back to Drover’s Run, all eight seasons of McLeod’s Daughters are available to stream on Stan and 9Now.

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