Would you like fries with that? Woman finds a cockroach in her burger.

Want fries with that?

Well, scientists are saying that we should harness the healthy protein of insects.

A New Zealand woman has sworn Big Macs off forever after biting into a dirty great cockroach.

In horrifying detail, Annah Sophia Stevenson told the Marlborough Express that she chewed on the burger for some time before she realised the morsel was not gristle.

“I was working on it for about three or four seconds, I thought it was a bit of gristly meat,” she said, shudderingly (that’s not technically a word, but desperate times call for new words to convey horror).

Mmmm… the only thing worse than a cockroach in your burger? One with half its guts spilling out. Image via Facebook

“The guts were hanging out and it had a big hole in the middle of it.”

She had taken her young son Luca to the Blenheim McDonalds for a quick meal after a busy day of house-moving.

Three bites in and it was evident she’d been handed a cockroach sandwich.

Annah Sophia and her son Luca who went for a quick meal after a busy day and got more than they bargained for. Image via Facebook

Stevenson posted a picture of the offending burger to Facebook and said that she was “traumatised and disgusted.”

“I’ll never, ever eat another Big Mac as long as I live,” she said.

No word on if the fries are still OK.