Delicious burgers for vegetarians? We did not see that coming...

Thanks to our brand partner, McDonalds

“My name’s Chantelle, I’m a vegetarian – and I haven’t had McDonald’s in eight years.”

Forcing a committed vegetarian to eat at McDonald’s sounds pretty nasty, right? Maybe – but we did it anyway.

But guess what? When Mamamia’s resident veggo and Campaign Activations Specialist Chantelle Leaney tried the new Create Your Taste menu, she discovered that a burger starring a brioche bun, fancy cheese, guac and caramelised onions is JUST as good as a juicy meat pattie.

Don’t believe us? Just watch.

Are you a vegetarian? Would you be willing to try this?

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“I just choose not to eat McDonalds. I’m sceptical, I’m not really sold on it.”