'This new $15 mascara just replaced my favourite (expensive) one.'

Mamamia’s Tried and Tested series is your review of the latest to hit our desks in beauty, health and wellbeing. You won’t find any #sponsored content here, just honest, relatable and independent advice. This week, Mamamia's Weekend Editor trials Maybelline New York's Firework Mascara.

Me and mascara have had a... fractured relationship in the past.

Sometimes we're friends and my lashes look lovely. Other times I swipe on some mascara and simply go about  ~existing~ in this world as a panda, even if I haven't touched my eyes at all during the day and what the heck is up with that hmm?


It's not out there to say I'm constantly on the search for the latest hack to make my eyes look amazing.

And okay, I admit, I'm the needy one in this relationship. I expect a lot and I suppose I don't give a whole heap back. I'm fickle, and I'll drop my latest crush at the drop of a hat if shows just the hint of a red flag.

A couple of times I've thought I found The One, you know? I've fallen hard, I've committed my heart and soul, only to be left betrayed, devastated, cold and alone and am I still talking about mascara? 🫠

Clearly I have a lot of feelings about this. Which is why I am Very Very Serious about trialling new mascaras when they arrive on shelves, which is something I get to do a fair bit of in my line of work (I know how lucky I am, don't worry). So naturally, when Maybelline Lash Sensational Firework mascara dropped, I had to give it a go.


What is Maybelline Lash Sensational Firework mascara?

My lashes are SO ready. Image: Supplied.

Maybelline have, let's be honest, a biiiiit of a reputation in the mascara world. Their Great Lash mascara is pretty much an institution, and since they create the beauty icon in 1971, the brand has brought out hit after hit.

This time around, their formulating geniuses have created a gel-based flaring mascara infused with pro-vitamin B5 to help condition lashes. It's ophthalmologist- and allergy-tested, supposedly made to be suitable for contact lens wearers, buildable and smudge-resistant. 

The brush has also been designed to achieve maximum-level lash game, with different lengths of flex bristles arranged in a spiral 'firework' pattern, that pushes lashes up and out. 


These are all bold claims, sir, but let us continue.

How did you go with it? 

Look, I know you're probably thinking that mascara is mascara is mascara but I PROMISE you, that's not the case. Take it from a qualified* mascara expert (*not actually qualified in anything mascara-related). Beauty companies may all talk a good game about their lash boosting offerings, but so many are full of broken promises.

Not this one, though.

After finishing the rest of my makeup, I gave my lashes a little curl, picked up this hot pink tube and started swiping.

And. WOW.

When I tell you I exclaimed out loud... Just look at the difference when I paused between eyes: 

Surely I don't need to tell you which is the before and which is the after, right? Image: Supplied.


I could not believe the difference I saw with one teeny tiny application of what is officially now my New Favourite Mascara Ever.

I had long, thick, clump-free (as promised) lashes, and I was feeling so bold as to slap on a second coat — because that's where I think the claims about clumps fall down for a lot of mascaras.

Not this bad boi.

But I didn't want to get too excited. It had to pass the smudge test, and a day out wandering the streets of Melbourne seemed like as good a way as any to find out if I'd suffer smudging by osmosis. At the end of the day, my mascara was still looking as fresh and perfect as when I'd applied it that morning. So.

The next night, I swiped it on before going out to a (hot, dancy, sweaty) hip-hop gig, and not a smudge.

@alixcn Last week I got to try out the new @Maybelline NY Firework Mascara thanks to @Chemist Warehouse Official while at the @QT Hotels & Resorts in Melb. Can confirm: it has officially taken its place as my favourite mascara. Why? 1. It *actually* stays all day/night/however long you want it to. 2. No smudging, panda eyes or spider lashes (even with a double coat) 3. Umm do you see how good my lashes look?? #beautytok #beautyhacks #mascarareview #maybelline #mascara #fyp #foryoupage #beautyreview ♬ Oh, Pretty Woman - Pomplamoose

The verdict.

Do I even need to say it? I'm ready to sign a mortgage with this mascara. Take it home and introduce it to my mama. Leave it my life savings when I leave this world (lol, kidding, I don't have life savings).

But actually, this mascara has replaced basically every other option in my beauty bag (aside from one savey tubing mascara I can't go past for when a tubing formula is called for). 

I'm not generally a wear-mascara-every-day girlie (despite my apparent obsession), but I'm prepared to swipe on Maybelline Firework of a regular morning knowing it will see me through until the end of my day.

But the best bit? It also happens to be only $14.49 at Chemist Warehouse, which is — frankly — absurd and I'm not complaining in the slightest. It's truly a lush formula without the luxe price tag. 

Brb, off to stock up to apocalypse levels.

What's your favourite mascara? Let us know in the comments below!

Alix Nicholson is Mamamia's Weekend Editor. For more of her thoughts on beauty and... a bunch of other things, follow her over on Instagram.

Feature Image: Supplied. 

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