Apple lovers we have some very exciting information to pass on.

Apple lovers (of the non fruit kind) we have some very exciting information to pass on.

Apple has just released the iOS 9 upgrade operating system for iPhones and iPads.

We’ll pass all the technology jargon and get straight to the (very exciting) point. You can now save your phone battery by hitting one button.

Save yourself from this. Image via Wall Street Journal YouTube.

The worst time of your day would have to be when you see the battery line on your phone turn to red. A '20%' or '10%' flashes up on your screen and you know you have limited time to use your device. It's torture, because how will you survive without your phone...

Well, iOS 9 is about to minimise your worry time and increase your phone battery (and selfie taking) life.

Here's what you need to do.

When you see the battery life on your phone dying. You go to your settings and hit 'Low Power Mode'. It disables your power eating features and lowers the brightness of your screen. Once you get in to the '20%' battery zone, your iPhone will last 40 minutes longer if it's in Low Power Mode.

Low Power Mode - your new best friend. Image via Wall Street Journal Youtube.

The other benefit of the new feature - it shows you what apps are sapping your phone battery.

Life changed.

So apple lovers (of the non fruit kind) go forth and dream up all the things you can do on your phone with that extra battery life, and phone time.

Check out all the new features you can do with your phone...

What would you do with longer battery life?

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