The Bachelor's Olena was left star-struck by an unlikely Bachelorette contestant.

Not sure about you, but I have been known to fangirl over a few people in my life.

My inner political junkie has seen me left in tears meeting even just local politicians and I died a little inside when I met Ryan Gosling (okay, it was just a cardboard cut-out but a woman’s got to dream, right?).

Gushing over meeting even minor celebrities is typically reserved for ordinary people — but it seems even one of Australia’s most recent media stars isn’t immune to it.

Olena Khamula, who rose to fame on the latest season of The Bachelor, had a tiny fangirl moment when she met a contestant from The Bachelorette at Maxim’s Hottest 100 party.

Check out more from Olena. Images via Instagram. (Post continues after gallery.)

Except… it’s not exactly who we expected.

Matty J, maybe? Even Fireman Cam?

Alas, it was neither.

Rather, Olena was left star-struck by the contestant who became infamous for telling Georgia Love he did three “nervous poos” before meeting her: Ben Lyall.


Got to FINALLY meet this LEGEND,” she captioned the shot.

As you can see by the capitalisation and heart eyes emojis, Olena was particularly excited about meeting Ben.

Obviously, she can see past the whole nervous pooing debacle, but we really did think it would be Ben gushing about meeting the one and only Olena.

Listen to our Bach Chat episode when Olena became our real hero. (Post continues after audio.)

In fact, it seems getting a photo with Olena wasn’t Ben’s highlight of the night.

Rather, he apparently had his eyes on another former Bachelor woman: Noni.

If you haven’t uncoded the hashtags, it reads: “She only got a photo with me out of sympathy” and “She is a solid 10”.

This is coming from a man who perhaps unfairly rated himself a “solid five-and-a-half” during his time on the show, so it’s high praise.


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