Celeb in 5: Saturday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Oh. It sounds like Maxim’s Hottest 100 party was very… awkward. 

The 2018 Ultra Tune Maxim Hottest 100 List party last night was… not as popular as many expected.

With names like Sophie Monk, Jennifer Hawkins and Elyse Knowles on the Hottest 100 list, it’s fair to say people expected a star-studded red carpet.

But… hardly anyone who was actually on the list showed up.

After number 1 on the list, Sophie Monk, pulled out of the event due to her struggle with endometriosis, the red carpet was mostly Australian reality television stars.

It’s rude to point. Unless it is at Little Nasser. ???? #Maximhot100

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The most notable celebrities to attend were Laura Lydall, who was number 19, and Tayla Damir, who was number 73.

A slew of reality television stars, such as Cassidy McGill and Eden Dally from Love Island, also made an appearance.

Everyone else – from Olympia Valance to Ellyse Perry to Imogen Anthony to Davina Rankin – was… busy.

How… awkward.

You can read the full list on the Maxim Australia website.

2. Why you’ll see Meghan Markle in shorter dresses now that she’s pregnant.

meghan markle style
DAT HEMLINE. Image: Getty.

You might have noticed that Meghan Markle has been dressing in some shorter outfits lately. And, apparently, it's by no coincidence.

The hemline lift is reportedly to do with the Duchess of Sussex's pregnancy.

Personal stylist Keren Beaumont told Yahoo Style UK that the reason could simply be strategic maternity dressing.

“When a woman becomes pregnant and sees her body shape evolving, this can often call for a change in her usual formula for dressing," she told the publication.

“In addition to a shape change, many pregnant women experience physical discomfort when wearing tight fitting garments around their middle area," she added.

Since Meghan usually wears tight fitting outfits, it makes sense that she shortened the hemline of her outfits so she doesn't appear swamped by baggy clothes.

3. AFL star Kieren Jack and TV producer Charlotte Goodlet marry despite family tensions.





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Mr & Mrs ???? #pairofjacks #bestdayever

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After a two year engagement, Sydney Swans star Keiren Jack married his partner Charlotte Goodlet on Saturday. But according to photos shared to social media of the Blue Mountains ceremony, it seems there were two notable faces missing.

Jack's parents, Donna and Garry.

The 31-year-old AFL player was involved in a highly-reported feud with his folks back in 2016, reportedly stemming from their disapproval Goodlet, a TV producer.

Donna made their in-fighting public back in July 2016, venting her frustration at not being invited to the AFL star’s 200th game. Jack reportedly gave the Swans-issued tickets to Goodlet and her family.

“So sad … you 200 AFL & you don’t want us there, your parents. No appreciation for all the yrs (sic) helping you get there [sic],” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

Addressing the matter at a 2016 press conference, Jack spoke defensively of his partner, saying “It’s been tough on her. She doesn’t deserve the treatment she has received. She is strong, she is an independent woman.”

4. The cosmetic procedure Ali Oetjen is planning to reverse.


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In a new interview with The Daily Telegraph, The Bachelorette's Ali Oetjen has spoken about having her breast implants removed.

"I don't feel comfortable with them," the 32-year-old said.

"As soon as I can get a good length of time... off...  because it will take some time with down time, I will."

Ali has previously spoken about how she underwent a breast augmentation for the wrong reasons.

“My boobs were not money well spent,” she told The Sunday Telegraph in September.

“If I had my time over, I would not have gotten them done. When I got them done, I did it for someone else. I thought it would make them happy.”

What Ali decides to do in regards to her own body is 100 per cent her business, and we support her in doing what's right for her.

5. The very suspicious case of Bachelorette star Charlie Newling’s Instagram stories.

charlie newling instagram
Charlie, what are you doing? Image: Ten.

Guys, we need to talk about former Bachelorette 2018 contestant Charlie Newling's Instagram stories.

Long story short, there are some weird things going on in his stories that prompted us to launch a full scale investigation.

From images that make it look like two other former Bachelor franchise stars are dating, to boarding a plane headed to Fiji, the Bachelor in Paradise filming location, we're not sure what's going on.

To see the evidence and read our full investigation into Charlie Newling's Instagram activity, click here.