It's hard to believe, but Bachelorette's Matty J has confessed his two biggest flaws.

He seems like the perfect guy: sweet, kind and boasting the face of an angel but The Bachelorette contestant Matty J has revealed he has one rather annoying flaw.

He’s late.

No. He’s always late.

The 29-year-old gave Mamamia a little insight into what “kind of guy” he was when getting ready to go out.

“I’m the kind of guy where you’re meant to be ready and the person messages you like ‘hey, where are you at?’ and I’m still in my undies putting clothes on,” he said.


The marketing manager went on to say it was a known issue that he was working to improve.

“I will be late to everything, guaranteed. But not by a huge amount of time… on average, about 15 minutes late,” he said.

“I’m getting better, it’s something that I’m working on.”

You don't have to work on anything. (Source: Network Ten.)

But that's not all.

Matty J also shared some other "improvement areas" like how he was always hungry.

"I need to eat constantly. And when I get hungry, I get quiet and I don’t say anything and I get quite hangry," he said.

You are preaching to the choir, mate.


Matty J might be late and hungry and maybe a little quiet but we'd still give him a rose any day.

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