Matty J's latest Instagram photo has caused a mass eruption of ovaries.

It was meant to be harmless, we understand that, Matty J.

But you know the effect you have on Australian women, particularly after we all fell for you during your time on The Bachelorette, and now you’ve done something that can never be undone.

You posted a photo that has erupted the ovaries of women across the nation.

This one right here:

Of course I can look after your child.. No I definitely don’t have my hands full

A photo posted by Matty J (@matthewdavidjohnson) on

Boom. Kapow. 

It’s the recipe for a perfect storm: 29 year old Matty J + gorgeous children. And the ovaries of Australian women can’t quite handle it.

How could you not have expected this when posing so adorably with not one but FIVE cute children, Matty J?

Please, we beg of you, give us a little notice before you pull a photo like that on us again, okay?

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