Matty J answers the question we're all dying to ask: "Would you date Nikki Gogan?"

While we only learned of Matty J’s broken heart on Thursday night, it hasn’t taken long for the entire country to start setting him up with eligible single women.

(Matty, if you’re interested, our recapper Jessie is single…)

And as it stands The Bachelor‘s runner-up, Nikki Gogan, seems to be the obvious choice. I mean, Matty and Nikki can heal each other, you guys. They can mend their shattered hearts together.

Forget the fact that Matty J’s sister couldn’t bear the thought of him moving to Melbourne, let alone Western Australia, just roll with me here.

Being absolute Bachie die-hards at Mamamia HQ, we had to get to the bottom of this blossoming dream and ask Matty J himself.

The 28-year-old marketing manager said he may be open to meeting Nikki in the future, but “not yet”.

“There are a few people asking if I will try to make contact with Nikki,” he told us. “It’d be great to speak to her, she’s obviously had a few more months experience with this than I have, so I’d love to see how she coped and if she can give any tips.”

If anyone's good enough for you, Matty, it's gotta be Nikki. (Image: Channel 10/The Bachelorette)

But the chances of such a union being romantic are slim, Matty specified.

"Only from a friendship point of view, I don’t think I’m going to rush into trying to explore a relationship with her anytime soon."

One thing's for sure: Matty J won't have any problems finding a girl who wants to date him.

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