We've found out where The Bachelorette's Matty now stands with Georgia and Lee.

It may have only just happened on our screens but The Bachelorette runner-up Matty J lost his chance at love months ago.

The marketing manager is now back into full-time work and returning to the predictable comforts of daily life.

The time may have passed but Matty J told Mamamia he is yet to reach out to former news presenter Georgia Love.

“I haven’t spoken to Georgia. Last night I was thinking, do I give her a message? Do I say anything?”

Georgia Love and her off the shoulder tops 10
Georgia Love with The Bachelorette winner Lee. (Source: Channel 10)

The 29-year-old said he believed it might be too soon to make contact.

"Hopefully down the track I can reach out to Georgia at some point and let her know that there are no hard feelings," he said.

"I did message Lee last night just to wish him all the best."

matty j rose ceremony
Matty J during The Bachelorette finale (Source: Network 10.)

Matty J also shared how he felt doing the The Bachelorette media circuit alongside newly revealed winner Lee.

"Originally he was meant to come to Sydney and do the media together – but he had to be in Melbourne," he said.

"It was kind of weird as well, having to still pretend and keep this lie that we still don’t know."

"Deep down I’m hurting and deep down Lee is smiling."

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