An Aussie mum vacuumed her mattress and shared the results. Now we may never sleep again.

It is of the uttermost importance that you go and vacuum your mattress at this very moment.

After giving her queen-sized mattress a once over with her vacuum, Victoria-resident, Dannielle, shared the enlightening and disgusting result in the Facebook group, Mums Who Clean.

It was a confronting amalgamation of dust, dead skin cells and hair.

“Absolutely disgusted, embarrassed and shocked,” she wrote alongside her post, which contained multiple photos.

“Please don’t crucify me, I just wanted to show everyone how much stuff can come from one queen sized mattress.

“I will definitely be vacuuming my mattress every time I change the sheets now.”

Now take a squiz at the photos… if you dare.

All this gunk was from one vacuuming session. Yuck. Image: Supplied.
mattress vacuum
This angle really brings out the hair in the gunk pile. NOPE. Image: Supplied.

Speaking to Mamamia, Dannielle said she picked up her chosen vacuum for just $10 from her local Salvation Army store, and used a vacuum attachment head which she already had at home. However, you can purchase the Contempo Bagless Vacuum Cleaner for just $55 at Big W.

"I went over the mattress a few times with it, not expecting to get anything from it but to my surprise, it was gross," she said.

"I’m just glad I’ve made people aware of what is lurking in our mattresses."

And yes, you have Dannielle, yes you have.

mattress vacuum
Dannielle says this model worked a treat. Image: Supplied.

In just two days, Dannielle's post has received nearly 400 reactions, and 230 comments, with hundreds of people shocked at the nasties lurking in their mattresses.

"Don't throw it out! You could make a new skin with that!" read one comment, and no sir, we do not joke about these things.

"This is why mattresses get heavier over the years, build up of dead skin cells, dirt and bodily fluids," wrote another.

"I think I would rather not know what's in mine then with the amount of dead skin I constantly shed. I just keep a mattress protector over it that gets a regular wash. That sure is an impressive amount of particles though," said another.

When it came to mattress protection, some members suggested using mattress toppers and mattress protectors, while others said they used bicarb soda to "absorb the fluids," before vacuuming the product off the bed.

Now excuse us while we attack our mattress with a vacuum, and cleanse it of our dusty, dusty sins.

Have you ever vacuumed your mattress? Tell us in a comment below.