The internet is screaming after this man had the worst flight known to mankind.


If you are squeamish or are eating, I would… Stop reading. Trust me.

You have been warned.

There are few things worse than a horror plane story. On a plane, you’re stuck in a confined space, flying through the air, with absolutely nowhere to run.

If someone has horrific plane etiquette, or errr… is unwell… there’s no escape.

You are stuck.

The latest horror story begins when American man Matthew Meehan boarded his Delta flight from Atlanta to Miami last week to find something smelled… bad. Like really bad.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Meehan said he noticed his seat neighbour was also uh, struggling, with the smell and had covered their nose.

Meehan bent down under his seat to find a phone charger and discovered the cause of the stench…



“I realised it’s not just a smell, it’s actually faeces and it’s all over the back of my legs, it’s all over the floor, all over the wall of the plane. And I sat in it,” he said.

screaming gif
No no no no NO NO NO NO NO. Image: Giphy.

Somehow, Meehan did not just start screaming and crying and stripping out of his POO COVERED clothing. He and his seat mate calmly went to the front of the plane to notify the cabin crew.

Expecting a biohazard kit, Meehan was surprised when the crew said they had notified cleaners of the poo but it hadn't been cleaned up. Very problematic.

He claimed a flight attendant gave him two paper towels and a bottle of gin so he could clean himself in the bathroom. No gloves, guys.

"It got all over my bare ankles," he said. "I had to take my pants off because it’s on the back of my pants, so faeces, at this point, is transferring to my hands, with no kind of sanitising solution to be able to clean anything with, and only one tiny bottle of gin."


When he exited from the bathroom, to his surprise, people was still boarding as if there wasn't literal POO coating areas of the plane.

He confronted a manager, who told him the mess was not their problem and if he did not sit down, the plane would leave without him.


"At that point, four or five other passengers had gotten up and out of their seats as well, standing at the flight attendant area in front in protest and wouldn’t sit until it was cleaned," he told Yahoo.

Wanting to avoid a commotion, the manager had someone clean up the area with paper towels but to Meehan's knowledge, no sanitising solution was used.

The flight was full, so he was unable to move to another seat and since he needed to be somewhere urgently the next morning, Meehan had no option but to sit in the seat.

He later sent The Washington Post a video of a swollen garbage liner containing many wads of brown-stained paper towels and a disused latex glove.

He said the experience made him feel like "an animal tied up".

"It was dehumanising to be spoken to like that, demanded to sit in a seat full of faeces with no care."

He and those in the rows around him asked for blankets and covered the floor and seats to try and protect themselves from making contact for the entire two-hour flight.

"We sat there during the entire flight, my row, the rows around me, it still smelled horrific."

Following the debacle, Meehan shared his story and images on Facebook. He's since been featured in many local news stories, and is considering legal action.

He claimed he wasn't sure where the diarrhea had come from: "Originally, the flight crew said that it was a German shepherd. And then the gate agent said in his paperwork that it was an older man who got sick upon landing. And now Delta Corporate is saying that it was a golden retriever puppy," he said. "But to me, it doesn’t matter. It’s faeces; it carries disease any way you look at it."

Delta released a statement stating the flight was boarded before cleaning was completed following an incident from a previous flight "with an ill service animal".

"Delta apologizes to customers impacted by the incident and has reached out to make it right, offering a refund and additional compensation. The safety and health of our customers and employees is our top priority, and we are conducting a full investigation while following up with the right teams to prevent this from happening again. Upon landing in Miami, the aircraft was taken out of service to be deep cleaned and disinfected.”

When he arrived in Miami, Meehan was supposed to catch a connecting flight to Tampa but chose to take a four hour Uber ride there instead because he couldn't face getting back on another plane.

And who the heck can blame him for that?