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Just the best Twitter reactions to Matthew, the only person on MAFS too pure to be there.

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On Sunday night, the entire nation fell in love with perhaps the most wholesome person we’ve ever seen on television in our entire lives tonight.

Matthew. Dear, sweet Matthew, who for some reason has decided to marry a complete stranger selected for him by a group of other complete strangers who are also… scientists?


He’s outdoorsy, he’s attractive, he likes to read and he’s taking singing lessons. (Spoiler alert: Yes, he sings at his reception and it’s perfect.)

And just when we thought he couldn’t get any sweeter, he went and dropped a Disney reference in his vows.


(We feel this is the appropriate time to add that he is also a 29-year-old virgin. Just in case you missed it being mention every 30 seconds…)

One thing’s for sure: we will revolt if his love match with Lauren doesn’t work out. His heart is too pure to be crushed by reality television. Too. Pure.

And it looks like Australia agrees. Here are the best Twitter reactions to Matthew and Lauren’s wedding tonight.

Here’s what the people of Twitter had to say:





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