Matthew Leveson's parents took something from his burial site to remember him by.

After finding their son’s burial site, Matthew Leveson’s parents took something home to remember him by.

Earlier this week human remains were found under a cabbage tree palm in the Royal National Park, which investigators have confirmed belong to Matthew Leveson.

Although police were still awaiting the results of forensic tests when Leveson’s parents were at the site, they were allowed to take home a tree in memory of their son.

On Twitter, Mark and Faye Leveson thanked and raised a glass to those involved in the search and everyone who has helped in the long process of bringing Matthew home.

The tweet included a photo of Mark and Faye standing in front of a ute, with a palm loaded onto the back, and another image of the couple raising a glass to their supporters.


In a later tweet, Mark posted an image of the palm tree planted in the Levenson’s backyard with the caption: “Matt’s Palm in its new location in our back yard. It certainly is Matty’s Palm too as DNA testing has now been completed.”

Matthew Levenson was just 20 years old when he was last seen leaving ARQ nightclub in Darlinghurst in 2007, with his partner Michael Atkins.

Atkins was tried and acquitted of Leveson’s murder and manslaughter 2009, but admitted to lying on the stand at the inquest into Leveson’s death.

He later led police to the burial site and in exchange was granted immunity from persecution for perjury. Due to double jeopardy laws it’s unlikely that he will be prosecuted for Leveson’s murder for a second time.

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