Matthew Leveson case: Search for body continues into fifth day, parents in it for 'the long haul.'

By Ursula Malone

The search for the body of missing man Matthew Leveson has resumed for a fifth day in the Royal National Park south of Sydney.

Police said the focus would remain on an area of bushland adjacent to a roadside parking area near the start of a walking track.

Last week, homicide detectives were led to this spot by Michael Atkins.

The area is now a crime scene, cordoned off by police tape.

Matthew’s parents Mark and Faye Leveson have been at the scene each day, watching as an excavator moves back and forth, clearing the undergrowth and ploughing up the loamy soil.

“It’s testing the patience,” Mark Leveson said this morning.

“But the police are here for as long as it takes and so are we. We are in this for the long haul.”

Mr Atkins was tried and acquitted of Matthew Leveson’s murder back in 2009 after a trial during which he exercised his right to silence.

Earlier this month, at an inquest in Sydney he was compelled to give evidence for the first time about his boyfriend’s disappearance.

Under questioning, he admitted to lying during a police interview at the time Mr Leveson went missing.

He also admitted he had lied under oath during the inquest itself, leaving him open to perjury and contempt of court charges.

Police then struck a deal, offering him immunity from prosecution in return for information leading to the recovery of Mr Leveson’s body.

Shortly after, in the dark and the rain, he led them to the lonely site where police are now searching.

Police remain confident they have the right location.

A white sports shoe was found at the site on Friday.

It is not yet known whether it matches the white shoes Mr Leveson was wearing when he vanished after a night out with Mr Atkins at the ARQ nightclub in Darlinghurst on September 23, 2007.

Another item was bagged and taken away from the site by forensic officers on Saturday.

Police have not revealed what this item was or whether it was relevant to the search.

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