Hours after Matt and Kayla said 'I do', the groom followed a teen waitress into the bathroom.

In wedding photos posted to Facebook, Matthew Aimers and his new wife Kayla look exactly how newlyweds are supposed to look on their wedding day.

Hours later, the Pennsylvania-based couple’s wedding night ended in a brawl after the groom was taken away in handcuffs for allegedly sexually assaulted an underage waitress working at the reception venue.

The 31-year-old was charged on Wednesday over the incident that occurred on November 24, 2018 at a Pennsylvania country club, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. The charges included indecent assault, indecent exposure, imprisonment of a minor, harassment, simple assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

Wedding horror story aside, here’s a bunch of things people never say at weddings because weddings kind of suck. Post continues after video.

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According to court documents, Aimers allegedly hit on the teenage waitress during his wedding reception, asking the woman who has chosen to remain anonymous to “go outside and make out”.

The woman’s affidavit went on to detail how Aimers told her they could “do whatever you want,” before allegedly following her into the women’s bathroom and pulling her into a stall, exposing himself and groping her. The woman also told police Aimers offered her $100 during the assault in a continued effort to proposition her.

It wasn’t until police were later called to the Northampton Country Club to respond to reports of a brawl that the shaken woman came forward.

Court documents allege the police found Aimers “pushing and punching people,” including another country club employee, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. After a short struggle with police, the groom was arrested and taken away in handcuffs.

His attorney, Louis Busico, told BuzzFeed News on Friday that his client “maintains his innocence in this matter.”

“His wife remains loving, supportive, and 100% in his corner,” Busico said.

The couple is still married and “that’s not changing,” Busico added.

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