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"A bit suss." The Bachelorette's Matt had doubts about Ryan from the moment he entered the mansion.

Poor Matt Whyatt didn’t get a hell of a lot of airtime on The Bachelorette, but he’s making up for it post-dumping, spilling the tea on the men left in the house.

Matt and Alex (who we also kinda don’t recognise, thanks to his lack of airtime) were left rose-less by Angie Kent last night, which Matt says he was “devastated about” at the time.

“It was hard going through it a couple of months ago and then having to watch it back over again [last night] and seeing how upset I actually was.

Check out Mamamia’s superfan cuddling up to Angie Kent. Post continues after video.

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“I was obviously devastated because I had formed a good connection [with Angie] we had some good chats and laughs in one-on-ones that didn’t make it to air,” the 27-year-old told Mamamia.

Matt and Alex left last night and you might not recognise them because they got precisely zero airtime. Image: Ten.

Despite Matt being the latest evictee, it's Ryan who's the focus of post-show chat today.

Last night it was revealed the former RSPCA inspector applied for Ali Oetjen's season of The Bachelorette, despite telling Angie multiple times that he was there purely because it was her, and he wouldn't normally consider "doing something like this".

Matt told Mamamia he had an uneasy feeling about the bloke from the start, even though Angie was obviously smitten with him.

"He's a nice bloke but he's almost too nice. We all opened up with each other and had nothing really to hide, whereas Ryan wouldn't. That came across a bit suss," he said.

"He kept his guard up and it made it hard to gain his trust. Then we found out that little bit of information last night, so it was pretty tough, and there was a bit of butting heads in there at one stage."

Angie and Ryan
Last night's very...intimate date between Ryan and Angie. Image: Ten.

Carlin has also been accused of only going on the show for his acting career, but Matt's got his back.


"We call Carlin Mr Perfect, he's almost too perfect," he said.

"But he backed it up with actually hanging out with us and coming to the gym. He was a good genuine bloke. I think I spent enough time with him to believe him.

"Carlin was honest about his past, but for that to pop up [about Ryan]? Why not just be honest about it?" Matt added.

bachelorette actor carlin
Carlin's been doing a lot of acting. But apparently he was being honest about it with the boys, so they're cool with him. Image: YouTube.

Matt was one of the guys labelled "ingenuine" by Jamie, who was booted off last week, but Matt's not taking that on board for a second.

"To be honest, for that to be the only thing to come out [about me] especially from Jamie's mouth... he called it BMS... it's BMX," he said, referring to his profession.

"He didn't know what he was talking about. He was just trying to have a dig at me probably because I had told him he was a bit over the top."

With hometown dates tonight, and just three episodes left before Thursday's finale, Matt's pretty confident he knows the winner.

"I honestly think Timm [will win Angie's heart.] He's a legend and he obviously makes Angie laugh. I could see them two getting together and being happy," he told Mamamia.