The unfortunate moment an Aussie cricketer got THE ACTUAL runs on national telly.

When the first thing that comes up from a Google search of your name is a 1000 word think piece debating whether or not you ought to have ‘soiled’ yourself for the good of the country, it’s likely you’re having a crappy day.

That day is today for Aussie cricketer Matt Renshaw who, ahem, bottomed out while batting on day one of the first Test against India on Thursday, because he chose not to poo his dacks in front of a million people.

Which is bloody fair enough, really.

Not long before lunch, the 20-year-old opener felt the tell-tale cramp and had the guts to opt-out for a bathroom when his partner David Warner was bowled, rather than trying to hold out.

Run, Matty. Run! Source: Fox Sports

His teammate Shaun Marsh was forced to fill the gap, and although Renshaw eventually returned with a top score of 68 later in the afternoon, not everyone was happy with him.

“I hope he’s lying on the table half dead because otherwise I wouldn’t be happy as captain," cricketing great Allan Border told Fox Sports.

Others had a field day with the debacle on social media:

Testing times indeed.

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