Matt Preston calls the Thermomix "little more than a fancy blender".

Masterchef judge Matt Preston is a God among people.

That swash-buckling hair. The smacking lips. His penchant for blazers and cravats. Matt Preston is our night-time TV crumpet.

He exudes strength and power and a command of language that means somehow, after seven seasons of describing food on a plate, he still manages to think of something more eloquent to say than “yummo”.

The confidence in this gourmand is strong. This week he even ate a CHOCOLATE PUDDING while wearing ALL WHITE. My God. LIKE A KING. A WHITE KING.

Our father. Who art in the kitchen. (via facebook/masterchefaustralia)

But today he outdid himself.

In today’s Taste column he just dropped the fattest truth bomb on the cult of Thermomix by saying the robot God they worship can’t compete with his wooden spoon and pot.

Talking about the useless appliances that collect dust in our kitchens, he laughs at the popcorn maker, the ice cream machine, and the pie warmer, before dropping this like it’s no big thang:

The Thermomix, if you don’t know, is a sort of medical-labratory-looking device that is (supposedly) the be-all-end-all of kitchen appliances.  It has a cult following with forums, blogs, cookbooks and cooking classes all dedicated to the Thermy.  It’s found in both the top kitchens of the world (including the Masterchef kitchen) and on suburban bench tops.

The Thermomix Epidemic: How to protect yourself. 

At around $2200, Preston says – well – that’s a lot of coin to blow on what’s ostensibly a “fancy blender”.

The whole article is magnificent really, it’s all about how we fill our cupboards with blast chillers and expensive gadgets when really you only need a few essential items; wooden spoons, non-stick fry pan, a good slotted spoon, a few different mixing bowls and a decent knife.

Not $2200 contraptions that make pizza dough in 8 seconds.

The cult item was also the subject of a hilarious review from The Katering Show:  (post continues after video)

Good luck to you, Matt Preston.  I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. Because DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SPEAK ILL OF THE THERMOMIX?

You practically get lynched. Like this blogger who dared to say she wasn’t that thrilled with hers and faced a barrage of abuse.

The honest judge has spoken. Tighten your cravat, Matt.

The rich history of Australia’s kitchen cult:

The Thermomix Epidemic: How to protect yourself.

A Thermomix war has broken out in the suburbs of Australia.

It’s okay. A peace agreement could be imminent in the Thermomix War.