Kyle and Jackie O attempt to repair Matt Preston and Marco Pierre White Jr rift. Bad choice.

Things have been tense between Masterchef judge and cravat lover Matt Preston and celebrity chef Marco Pierre White for a while now.

The feud dates back to comments made by the former about the latter’s wayward offspring, Marco Pierre White Jr, after he had sex on camera inside the Big Brother UK house, midway through last year.

In May this year, Marco Jr vowed he would “never forgive” the food critic for accusing his son of going “off the rails”, before Marco Jr himself went on a vicious Twitter rant about the whole shemozzle.

The initial jibe, which aired during an episode of KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show, has also been blamed for the chef’s decision to leave Channel 10 and Masterchef in favour of a role at competitor Channel 7.

Matt vs the Marcos. Source: Instagram

This morning, Preston returned to speak with the popular radio duo and despite co-host Kyle Sandilands' best attempts to steer the conversation towards the ongoing tiff, the 53-year-old stuck to his talking points.

That is until intern Pete managed to get Marco Jr on the phone in the UK.

The 23-year-old sounded tired when he answered - it was the middle of the night in London after all - but Preston didn't stick around to chat having made it abundantly clear he was there to talk Masterchef.

"Is that the time? I need to go!" he said before aborting the interview.

"Good one, Pete! How awkward was all that?" Jackie 'O' Henderson said.

Indeed. You can listen to the clip in full here.

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