Matt LeBlanc on the 'gross' behind-the-scenes Friends moment he won't forget.

The show may have ended 14 years ago, but we will forever be thirsty for a litte Friends behind-the-scenes goss.

And this story, shared by Matt LeBlanc on The Graham Norton Show, is a doozy.

You’ll all remember ‘The One Where Ross Got High’ (season six, episode nine), in which Rachel attempts to make an English trifle for Thanksgiving.

Matt LeBlanc Friends blooper
The most terrifying trifle known to man. Image: NBC.

Just in case you don't recall - due to pages of her cookery book being stuck together, Rachel accidentally makes makes half an English trifle... and half a shepherd's pie.

This means her dish contains bananas, lady fingers, custard, jam... along with beef sauteed with an onions.


In an attempt to save her feelings before she realises the error of her ways, Ross and Joey chow down on the concoction, clearing their plates while trying not to gag.

You can watch the exact scene here:

Video by NBC

So far, so hilarious. But here's what you didn't see.


While filming the scene, the actors were served whipped cream and bananas - the producers were kind enough to pass on the beef.

But Joey's portion did have a little something extra.

“There was too much on his plate,” LeBlanc explained talking about David Schwimmer's (Ross') serving.

“So he starts to eat it all and he can’t finish it and he starts laughing, so we cut. As we’re cutting, he kind of spits it back on his plate. I’m sitting right next to him, and I’m looking the other way. I didn’t see him spit it back on his plate," he continues.

LeBlanc then unwittingly scooped some of the regurgitated trifle on to his plate just as the cameras started rolling.

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It wasn't until the wrap party five years later that LeBlanc realised he'd eaten regurgitated trifle.

“We’re watching the blooper reel and I go, ‘Oh, I love this. This is funny,’” he explains, before the clip revealed exactly what happened.

“I go, ‘Nobody ever told me that?!’” he says.

Seriously, could that be anymore disgusting?

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