TV Chef Matt Golinski welcomes baby girl, six years after losing his wife and daughters.

Matt Golinksi and his fitness trainer fiancée Erin Yarwood have welcomed their first child into the world – a beautiful little girl.

The TV chef’s father, Keith Golinski, shared the news with ABC local radio this morning.

Noting that the public had shared so much of his son’s pain after a house fire claimed the lives of his wife and daughters six years, ago the proud grandfather said, “People deserve to share some of the joy as well.”

While Keith told the station he was yet to meet the baby, he said Matt told him she has her mother’s dark hair and “the Golinski dimples”.

“I’m still in a state of unbelief. It’s such good news,” he added.

Matt and Erin. Image: Instagram.

The Ready Steady Cook star lost his wife, Rachel, and their three children – 10-year-old Starlia and 12-year-old twins Sage and Willow – in a horrific blaze that tore through their Sunshine Coast home on Boxing Day 2011.

Golinski suffered burns to 40 per cent of his body, and awoke in Royal Brisbane Hospital two months later to learn he was the only survivor.

It was in hospital where a grieving Golinski met Yarwood, who was assisting with his rehabilitation.

Matt. Image: Facebook.

A friendship followed and, ultimately, love.

"I hadn't really been considering the idea of a new relationship - I just wanted to get well and move on from everything. Then fate came along and I was lucky to meet someone who was really special," he told The Daily Mail Australia.

"A lot of people search their whole lives for love. I have been lucky enough to have two great loves. To love two wonderful, kind women."

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