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A rumoured MAFS romance and a Fringe show: What Matt Agnew's life looks like now.

A year ago this month, Matt Agnew met 20 women on a red carpet.

He was our new bachelor, dressed in a dapper tuxedo and armed with geeky jokes and we… liked him a lot.

You see, Network 10 had sold him as the hot science guy, plucked from a normal life to find love – the antithesis of previous bachelor Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins who… Well, we don’t need to go there, do we?

Throwback to that time we met Matt Agnew. Post continues below video.

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Unlike Mr Honey Badger, Matt actually picked a winner and for a while, our faith in reality TV love was restored.

Matt and Chelsie shared their love on social media and denied rumours of a breakup, even though bachie himself went overseas like… basically immediately after the finale.

But it didn’t last and the pair announced their breakup in November, just two months after the finale aired in September.

It was around the same time bachelorette Angie Kent chose Carlin over Timm and goodness, that was a rough week.

Since then… Well, we haven’t heard all that much from Matt Agnew Science Guy (it’s not very catchy, I know).

So what has Matt been up to since? We did some digging.

He’s got a rumoured new relationship.

We didn’t realise it until rumours of Matt’s new relationship popped up this week, but he and Connie from MAFS are… perfect for each other.

Firstly, they both like science so they can have deep and meaningful chats about things the rest of us don’t understand. And secondly, they both naively thought they’d find love on reality TV, realised it didn’t work, and likely have shared trauma.

What greater foundation is there for a relationship?


Matt Agnew and Connie MAFS
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There are rumours going around that our former Bachie met Connie from MAFS at an event in Melbourne a few weeks ago, and apparently they "really hit it off".

"Connie was chatting with Matt for ages," a source supposedly told OK!.

"They seemed to really hit it off. There was definitely some serious chemistry between them."

Ha, chemistry. Science jokes, amirite?

The Fringe show.

Matt took his love of science to Adelaide earlier this year, for a number of shows in the Adelaide Fringe Festival and WHAT.

In Dr Matt Agnew's Guide to Life Beyond Earth, he wanted to shed light on a number of questions he described as exciting, but for many of us would just lead to hours of existential dread: Are we alone in our solar system? In our galaxy? In the entire universe?




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Want to know how the first show went? Just ask these legends who came along for opening night! (Apologies for cutting off the people in the wings — my arm is only so long!) I look like a thumb taking this selfie, and it’s blurry, but who cares! It was a sensational evening! Thank you everyone for coming down! Massive shoutout to the lovely young family in the front row on the left who came all the way from Geelong to see the show! I think you both can vouch I was struggling to find the words to express my gratitude to you after the show! Don’t hit panic stations though if you missed it. There’s 8 more shows from tonight throughout the week to see Dr Matt Agnew’s Guide to Life Beyond Earth! Check the link in my bio @adlfringe @gluttony_fringe #adelaidefringe

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It was a TED style show with an audience Q&A, where audiences could ask the astrophysicist about planets and aliens and absolutely not about why he and Chelsie broke up, and it was reportedly a big success.

The breakup post.

As we all know, Matt, who appeared on the last season of The Bachelor, split up with winner Chelsie McLeod a few months after the show wrapped up.

Speaking to comedian Rosie Waterland on her podcast Just The Gist, Matt said he devastated after his relationship fell apart.

"That’s life and that’s dating, and relationships sometimes they don’t work out but it’s an experience," he said.


"You do try to find whatever positive things you can find from it [and] the experience certainly helped me grow as a person."


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As for announcing their news to the public, the 32-year-old admits it caused him a lot of anxiety.

So much so, he couldn't bring himself to be the one to share his Instagram post announcing the news.

"I was dreading it. I put together my words and they were something I gave a lot of thought to to make sure I was conveying my feelings correctly," he said.

"I actually got a friend to post it because I couldn’t do it myself...

"Everyone says don’t read it (the comments), and you can do it 99 per cent of the time, but you have that one per cent, that one moment of weakness and you read something and you completely capitulate."

Six months on from the airing of the finale, Matt is putting his Bachelor experience behind him.

His role as rose giver is no longer mentioned on his Insta, and he's basically just been using his platform and science brain to share important, factual information about COVID-19.

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