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1. ‘It was weird.’ Matty J on why Matt and Chelsie’s relationship was in trouble from the start.

When The Bachelor’s Matt and Chelsie announced their breakup earlier this month,  it certainly took us all by surprise. But former Bachelor Matty J had a suspicion their relationship was in trouble from the start.

Matty explained on his podcast, The Babble, that the first few weeks after the show’s finale are the most important for Bachie couples.

“There is almost a two or three month gap from when they film the finale to once you’re [publicly] together,” he said.

During this time, Matty said it’s important to spend as much time together as possible while you adjust to being a couple with a  normal life.

“The weird thing with Matt and Chelsie is, straight after the finale [aired], he went away, he went to the UK.”

“Maybe Matt didn’t realise how important that time is? Because you can finally get to be together and have that relationship out in public,” he added.

Matty first had a hunch Matt and Chelsie’s relationship might be coming to an end when the couple didn’t show up at the Melbourne Cup in early November.

“We were at the Melbourne Cup and Laura and I were really excited to see Matt and Chelsie,” said Matty.

“We were heading to the Channel 10 marquee and we spoke to one of the publicists and we said, ‘Hey, are Matt and Chelsie here?’ And they said, ‘Actually they’re not coming anymore.'”

“We didn’t know why they weren’t there, but there was a thought that maybe they weren’t together.”

And it turns out his Bachie senses were right. Just two weeks later, Matt and Chelsie announced their breakup on Instagram, surprising thousands of Bachie fans around the country, except for one.


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2. YES PLEASE: People think Gogglebox’s Symon and Adam might be on I’m A Celeb.

We were all left heartbroken when our favourite couch potatoes Symon and Adam announced they were leaving Gogglebox, after five years on the show.

It was truly devastating news. But it turns out the pair might be returning to our screens very soon. Well, we hope anyway.

On their podcast, The Adam & Symon Show, the best friends hinted at upcoming plans to appear on radio and TV.

“We hope the show will keep growing and getting better, but it’s the right time for us to go,” Adam said.

“Hopefully, this isn’t the end for us. Hopefully, there’s some stuff in the future… radio, TV, where we’ll still be in your ears and in front of your eyes. That’s the aim.”


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We are incredibly sad, but extremely excited to announce that our time on @goggleboxau has come to an end and we will be leaving the couch! The last 5 years of fun started when we were found at a pub and only said yes to the being on the show because we wanted to go to the Logies. Thank you to the cast, the crew and of course everyone who has watched the show and allowed two idiots have more fun than they could dream of. The biggest thank you of all is reserved for @symonlovett, wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else and literally couldn’t have done it without you. We’re planning on still being around on your tv and radio a bit longer though, so if anyone has a job for us, we’ve got a lot of time on our hands! Our podcast @adamsymonshow will go into a bit more detail on Tuesday too! #couchpotatoesnomore

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Plus, when Adam and Symon announced they’d quit the show on Sunday, Adam said the pair are open to new opportunities.

“If anyone has a job for us, we’ve got a lot of time on our hands!” he wrote in the post.

And that gig could very well be appearing on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! which is set to kick off in early January.

On Monday, radio host Tim Blackwell pointed out the theories that Adam and Symon could appear on the show.

“I heard something on Twitter because I tweeted them last night to say boo [in response to them quitting Gogglebox] and I then got in my feed, ‘Enjoy the jungle,'” he said on Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty show.

“That makes perfect sense. Because as if Channel Ten would get rid of two spunks like that,” Marty responded.

We agree, it does make sense. After all, they wouldn’t be the first Gogglebox stars to appear on the show. Angie and Yvie swapped their couch for the jungle last year.

Here’s hoping we see Adam and Symon’s colourful socks in the jungle soon.

3. “I find it so hard to not let it get to me.” The Bachelor’s Sogand just shared the most relatable selfie.

The Bachelor‘s Sogand Mohtat has shared an honest post on Instagram, detailing that while in many of her photos she looks very fit and toned, there are days where she feels “more pregnant than my pregnant sister.”

It’s a reminder for fans that even Instagram influencers like herself are prone to bloating, and what you see on Instagram is oftentimes just people’s ‘highlights’ rather than reality.

In a series of pics, Sogand showed fans what her body looks like after eating things like carbs, onion and beer.


bachelor sogand selfie
Sogand uploaded this candid selfie. Image: sogand_m__/Instagram.

"Some days my abs are on fire & then there are other days when I look more pregnant than my pregnant sister," she captioned the pic.

"So if you're also having a food baby right now, you ain't alone #bekindtoyourbody".

The Bachelor contestant admitted that sometimes she feels down about the bloating. Fans were quick to applaud her for her honesty, many pointing out that they could relate.

We're right there with you Sogand.

4. You need to hear Kim Kardashian's story about her mum crashing her fashion shoot and stealing Karl Lagerfield's attention.


Kim Kardashian just shared the most hilarious (and upsetting) story about her first-ever shoot with Karl Lagerfield and... ouch.

In an interview with Vulture, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took us back to the glorious year of 2013.

Kim was invited to the Met Gala as husband, Kanye West's plus one, when the founder and editor-in-chief of CR Fashion Book, Carine Roitfield approached her to ask if she would be interested in shooting a front cover with Karl Lagerfield.

Needless to say, she said yes, and flew to Paris for the shoot with her mother, Kris Jenner.

Kim arrived alone, texting a friend who informed her that Karl "gives every one of his models, especially on their first shoot, a bag."

Enter Kris Jenner.

Jenner was dressed from head to toe in Chanel, and Karl - the creative director of the label - definitely noticed.

"My mom walks in and she’s wearing Chanel leggings, Chanel thigh-high boots, blazer, turtleneck, dangling earrings, Chanel cuffs, gloves, sunglasses, beret: She was decked in Chanel from the ’80s...

"Karl stops the shoot and walks over to her and is like, ‘Oh my God, are you her mother?’ I remember this jacket! I remember these gloves! I did those earrings!’"


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But oh, it got worse...

Nine hours into the shoot, Kim began to consider that the bag present may be a myth.

That was until Karl approached Kim and Kris, with something behind his back.

"Then he comes up and he’s like, ‘Kim, this was the best shoot. Thank you so much, but Kris, here is a bag for you,’ and he gives the f*cking bag to my mom."

Safe to say, Kim was devastated and still has not lived it down.

"I’ve said to her: ‘Just so we’re clear, in your will, this goes to North, I don’t need it. That bag was for my daughter.'"

5. YouTubers, an ex-reality star and a fan favourite: What we know about the MAFS 2020 cast.

Goodness. Married At First Sight is mere months away from airing once again on Channel Nine.

Precedent dictates that being matched according to “science” by relationship experts does not work. But alas – here we go again – still pretending this is all in the name of science.

mafs 2020 cast

Following Channel Nine’s bizarre promotional video released on Sunday night, set in a mystical forest, the names of some of the contestants have been released.

And who would have guessed? We have YouTube vloggers and an ex-reality TV star in the mix, ready to enter a faux matrimony.

Here are the MAFS cast 2020 we know will be appearing, and what we know about them.

Elizabeth Sobinoff

It has been widely reported in the media that Lizzie Sobinoff will be returning to MAFS to have a second chance at finding love in 2020.

She was one of the more memorable figures on the 2019 season, matched with Sam Ball who infamously body-shamed her on her wedding day. Oh, and he cheated on her too.

Lizzie will reportedly be an intruder on the season, and is said to be matched with AFL player Seb Guilhaus.

For the rest of the MAFS 2020 cast, read our earlier article here.

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