Excuse me, Kate and Wills, but the Matildas deserve a future Head of State who backs them too.

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"There's a good chance Prince William could make a surprise visit to Australia this week," reports have been saying.

How exciting! 

We're a part of the monarchy and the Matildas are playing England tonight. It makes total sense.


Don't get too excited.

William wouldn't be coming to see us. He would be coming to see the Lionesses.

Image: Getty.

See, Kate and Wills are big football fans. 

They often attend matches and publicly support both the men's and women's teams (as you can see above).


And that's all good and well, but tonight's game is different.

The Lionesses are playing against us, Australia, and Kate and Wills are our future King and Queen and our future Head of State.

But they forgot that detail.

We know, we know, we're being petty.

But think about it.

Former Australian footballer Craig Foster put perfectly summed up why it's a bit of a low blow from the Prince and Princess of Wales.

"How lovely it would be for the Matildas to have their own Head of State, wholly supporting them, chewing them, sending inspiring messages..." he wrote.


"No mention of Australia. Or the Matildas. No sense of duty, responsibility, even care. No connection."

Most importantly: "Support for another country, our opponents from our King, Head of State and his family."

We get it. 

Your country is playing tonight. 

That's who you go for. Obviously.

But you could've given the Matildas a little nod. 

Your flag still features in ours, after all.

Feature image: Getty/X.

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