"Maternity clothes are ugly. These are the three pregnancy outfits I swear by instead."

Here’s a fact: most maternity clothes are butt-ugly. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Everything I’ve seen at the shops is boring, mud-coloured and based on styles popular in 2000. That means lots and lots of dark, chunky denim. Just because I’m pregnant, it doesn’t mean I want to dress like I’m in N*SYNC.

Bye bye bye BYE BYE, maternity fashion!

Are N*SYNC wearing designer '00s duds… or an entire maternity fashion range? (Image: Getty)

So, if you’re pregnant like me, you’re probably wondering: how can I be non-naked but still look good?

Well, the trick is to shop a little more creatively, and avoid the maternity section altogether. These outfits are also great if you’re having a lazy day, but still want to look stylish.


1. Wear nighties all the time.

When I’m pregnant, bloated and tired, all I want to do is wear my pyjamas. So that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

A $5 black t-shirt nightie from Kmart has been my fashion saviour. They’re cheap, machine-washable and roomy. Honestly, I wear one of these every second day. There’s a real nonchalance in wafting around in a giant t-shirt. I highly recommend it.

My favourite way to pump up this style is to wear a floaty kaftan or kimono on top. Instant rocker chick. Here’s an example of that one time I looked cool. Please note that it appears I have no friends in this shot. #popular


Carla GS wearing a nightie and kimono at five months pregnant. (Source: Supplied.)

You can buy a similar kimono from ASOS.

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2. Maxi dresses are your friend.

Giant maxi dresses are the way to go if you’re pregnant during the warmer months. The voluminous style leaves plenty of room for a growing baby bump, and once you’ve popped that baby out, the maxi will still be wearable. This is in contrast to specifically designed maternity dresses, which often have an awkward belly gusset or darts so if you wear it post-pregnancy you’ll still look pregnant anyway. No thanks!


From maxi dress… to maxi tent. Maxi FUN! (Source: Supplied.)

I love the sunset colours of this patterned maxi dress. Whenever I wear it, my two-year-old daughter says “my house” and treats it like her personal tent. Fun for all ages!

Tree of Life always have plenty of maxi dresses, in my favourite sort of size: O/S (one size fits all).

Celebrity maternity fashion is a whole other ballgame. (Post continues after gallery.)

3. Studio pants.

Here’s what makes for a happy, comfortable belly: an elasticised waistband and flowing, soft fabric.

After the birth of my daughter, I took to wearing oversized studio pants by Cotton On Body ($19.95). And now I’m pregnant again, they still fit and feel great. The roomy fit and stretchy waistband means that there’s lots of room for a fluctuating figure. And even better, they come in a variety of patterns at an affordable price.

What’s your maternity fashion hack?

Ed's note: Since writing this article, Carla GS has given birth to a beautiful baby boy.