‘I’ve found the best pregnancy-friendly pieces you can wear well beyond having a bump.’

If you're currently pregnant, congratulations! You’ve probably stumbled upon this story because:

1. You need clothes to accommodate your growing bump but don't want to spend a fortune on maternity wear.

2. You're looking for outfit inspiration since your old clothes just aren't working anymore.

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I get it. It seems like the only options available for pregnant women are oversized potato sacks or activewear designed for comfort (which is fine, but where are the dressy options!?).

Here's a little secret: you don't need to invest in a maternity wardrobe that you'll only wear for nine months. Instead, invest in quality clothing that will grow with your bump and be useful postpartum as well.

While there are some maternity items worth buying, like pregnancy leggings and bras, you don't need to splurge on a $300 silk maxi dress just because it's designed for pregnant women.


Instead, consider sizing up on knitted and elasticised clothing, as the last thing you want is a waistband that restricts your belly.

Pregnancy style can be tricky to master. Why? Women often find themselves dressing a body they don't recognise. Plus, your sizing can fluctuate rapidly within a single week.

But that doesn't mean it's impossible. Below, I've curated a selection of the best non-maternity clothes that you can wear during pregnancy and beyond.


Lioness Field of Dreams Maxi in Soft Blue, $109.

Image: Lioness.

Atmos&Here Raven T-Shirt Dress, $59.99.

Image: Atmos&Here, The Iconic.


SHEIKE Bermuda Post Pant, $149.99; Bermuda Post Shirt, $149.99.

Image: SHEIKE.


Forever New Harmony Curve Pleat Midi Dress, $199.99.

Image: Forever New.

City Chic Ruffle V-Neckline Nile Mini Dress, $149.95.

Image: City Chic.


Seed Panelled Rib Knit, $169.95; Panelled Rib Knit Pant, $149.95.

Image: Seed.


DISSH Ada Black Long Sleeve Midi Dress, $159.99.

Image: DISSH.


Target Knit Midi Skirt, $50.

Image: Target.

Calli Luca Jumpsuit, $159.95.

Image: Calli, The Iconic.


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